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About the Teacher

After years of spiritual uncertainty, Mary discovered yoga at the same as Tibetan Buddhism.  Combining both practices has allowed her to flip her perspective and understand life in a new, and fun, way.  She attended her first studio class after four years of a home practice and immediately fell in love.  Ultimately, she completed her 200-hour training at the same studio with Jenny Ravikumar at Barefoot Yoga Shala in 2016.  She also completed her Yoga for Families of Addiction training in 2018 at BYS, as well as her Kids Yoga training with Here Comes the Sun Yoga in 2018.  She is passionate about space, writing, Lord of the Rings, cats, mountains, superheroes, and tea.  Her classes often touch upon different planetary themes, include hilarious stories of her sister cats, and run the gamut between Led Zeppelin and house music.  She is a firm believer of continuous practice, thinks yoga should include laughing, and knows that your next great adventure is just outside of your comfort zone.

Virtual Class Offerings

All virtual classes will be held on Zoom with a password-protected link. Students are encouraged to sign up anytime during the week with a minimum 15-minute notice. You can sign up by emailing, texting, DMing, sending smoke signals, carrier pigeon, whatever way works for you to get in touch with me. Class links will be sent 15 minutes prior to class beginning along with an optional playlist curated on Youtube. Feel free to transfer the playlist to Spotify (or other service), or let me know if you have Apple Music and would like it shared.

These classes are DONATION-BASED. They are not free. I understand that yoga + money is often a controversial topic, but it is a service that I’m providing on my own time, and it’s part of my income, so students are encouraged to donate somewhere around what they would normally pay for a class. (IE: the standard rate of an hour-long yoga class in MA is currently $18.) It is not mandatory to pay a standard class rate, but no donation at all = no class. Donations can be made through Venmo or Paypal. Both usernames are @marydrover.



This 60-minute vinyasa class will work up a sweat, challenge the boundaries of your “normal” practice, and definitely make you fall over or laugh at one point. Chaturangas & planks are just part of the fun. All levels welcome!


This 60-minute funky flow class will kick your butt while laughing! Funky flow is a combination between advanced yoga, cardio, calisthenics, and free-dance. We’ll move fast, listen to high energy music, and work toward complex poses.


I walked in thinking it would be a normal yoga class set to Halloween music perhaps even some people in costumes… and it was. It was a yoga class where we moved in costumes to The Monster Mash but it was anything from normal. To begin I was pleasantly surprised at the many people in costumes of all different shapes and sizes. It helped me feel comfortable right from the beginning (especially since I came to the class alone). You could feel that there was something different in the air that night as Mary had transformed the studio into a place of warmth and spook. She placed us in a circle and lead us through a yoga sequence set to Halloween music lit by candlelight. Throughout the night we moved, we sweat, and most importantly we fell on our butts and laughed. The combination of sweat and laughter allowed us to surrender into a very special savasana called a Yoga Nidra. Mary used her gentle storyteller voice with our calm and relaxed state to guide us out of our bodies and allow us to be visited by the spirits of those who are no longer living (if we chose to). During this time I connected with a grandmother I had lost when I was 12 years old. She told me that she approved of the man I had decided to marry and gave me a deeply healing message. I hold onto that message so tightly today and am so grateful to Mary and Barefoot Yoga Shala for my more than yoga experience that night. If you are looking to sweat, laugh, fall on your butt, try something new, get out of your comfort zone all while being embraced instead of judged take a yoga class with Mary Drover at Barefoot Yoga Shala. “

Samantha Kravitz

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