Does anyone know what I’m doing?

Because I don't. Like, honestly, truly, what is going on? Let's go back in time a little.  I know I haven't been blogging about my writing a lot.  There have been other things----the weight loss blog, the tea blog (finally!), the wrap-up for June reads, but none of those things are writing things.  Back in… Continue reading Does anyone know what I’m doing?

Just Rambling

I Want to Read ALL THE BOOKS (at the same time)

Alright, I'm not lying when I say I am Rory Gilmore.  You know that scene where Rory's packing her backpack for school, and she can't fit all of her books?  This scene.  I'm seriously not even lying--this is me.  When I go away on vacation, I always bring, at minimum, three books, and that's only if… Continue reading I Want to Read ALL THE BOOKS (at the same time)


current projects: second edition

When I first made this blog public, I posted something titled boys, boys, boys.  It was a list of all the projects that I was currently working on in my head, and I posted it in July of 2017.  Suffice to say, a lot has happened since then, and that list has changed quite a… Continue reading current projects: second edition