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Reading Challenge (kind of) CRUSHED

Alright, it's Wednesday. Yesterday, I kicked off my reading challenge (5 books in 7 days) with The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, and for the last 200 pages, I've basically just been going UGH EUGENIDES.  My friend, Alex, was the one to turn me onto these books after I kept picking up The Thief over and… Continue reading Reading Challenge (kind of) CRUSHED

Just Rambling

I Want to Read ALL THE BOOKS (at the same time)

Alright, I'm not lying when I say I am Rory Gilmore.  You know that scene where Rory's packing her backpack for school, and she can't fit all of her books?  This scene.  I'm seriously not even lying--this is me.  When I go away on vacation, I always bring, at minimum, three books, and that's only if… Continue reading I Want to Read ALL THE BOOKS (at the same time)