Mary Drover finds adventure along the New England coastline, deep in the White Mountains, and always on a yoga mat.  She spends her days in an office, her nights drinking tea, and all the in-between moments snuggling her sister cats or writing about magic.  She has a BFA in Creative Writing & English from the University of Maine at Farmington, practices Tibetan Buddhism, has too many candles, and cannot stop buying crystals or plants.  She is a registered yoga teacher, a part-time witch, and was an astronaut in a previous life.

This is a blog dedicated to the wild mind of a writer.

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What do I write?

Mostly adult urban & high fantasy, a few sad contemporaries, lots of space references, and probably too much baking.  95% of them are magical with the exception of two stubborn teenage boys. All of them are LGBTQIA+ and diverse. They feature the likes of dragons, faeries, witches, apocalypses, zombies, vampires, and mermaids.

  My current writing projects can be found here.

What do I read?

On average, I read about 8-12 books a month and post wrap-up reviews for them at the end of the month. Generally, I read YA urban & high fantasy, though have been known to go on wild contemporary binges. I’m a huge fan of all middle grades, dead white poets, and a very small amount of horror.