About Mary

Mary Drover finds adventure along the New England coastline, deep in the White Mountains, and always on a yoga mat.  She spends her days in an office, her nights drinking tea, and all the in-between moments snuggling her sister cats or writing about magic, pirates, witches, faeries, planets, and romance.  She has a BFA in Creative Writing & a BA in English from the University of Maine at Farmington, practices Tibetan Buddhism, has too many candles, and cannot stop buying crystals or plants.  She is a registered yoga teacher, a sorted Gryffindor, and a part-time witch.  This is a blog dedicated to the wild mind of a writer.

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Mirage by Somaiya Daud
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bookstore romance
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current projects

What do I write?  Mostly YA urban fantasy, one series of adult high fantasy, and one series of middle grade fantasy.  95% of them are magical with the exception of one stubborn teenage boy.  I’ve played with dragons, faeries, witches, apocalyptic settings, zombies, and vampires so far, and someday, maybe even mermaids.  My current writing projects can be found here.

What do I read?  On average, I read about 7-10 books a month and post wrap-up reviews for them at the end of the month.  I’ll read pretty much anything, but gravitate toward YA (preferably with magic or romance), recently middle grade, dead white poets (translation: Rilke & Keats), and some adult (translation: David Mitchell & Joe Hill).  This page is always updated with what I’m currently reading.

Where do I teach yoga?

Barefoot Yoga Shala – Middleton, MA
Tuesday: regular vinyasa (6PM-7PM) & beginner’s (7:15PM-8:15PM)
Saturday: beginner’s (7:45AM-8:45AM) & funky flow (10:30AM-11:30AM)

The Empowerment Studio – Beverly, MA
Monday: funky flow (5:15PM-6:15PM) & beginner’s (6:15PM-7:15PM)

I also teach themed workshops at Barefoot, Disney pop-ups, and occasionally sub for other classes.