Weekly Check-In: May 10, 2023

Again, I’m coming at you in disbelief at how much I’ve read recently. There are four books in my recently finished. Four! Even though I went up to Maine this weekend! That’s nuts! Who am I??

Also, I’m trying to get back to Instagram, and I’m trying to do it by being gentle with my posting and only doing so when I’ve finished something, and it all feels very tentative right now, but if you missed me shouting about books on Instagram, ya girl is back.

recently finished

I absolutely devoured Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster because it was truly fantastic. It gave me Casey McQuiston meets Racquel Marie meets Morgan Rogers vibes, and that really is just the most perfect combination ever. I loved this so much, and it’s definitely headed for the top ten this year.

I also read two quick books–Scattered Showers and The Heartstopper Yearbook–because I wanted a little interlude in between all the intense fantasies I’ve been reading lately, and they hit the ticket. I was a little bummed that Scattered Showers didn’t have more representative couples, especially given the rainbow on the cover, but it was still really sweet and fun to read. And, obviously, The Heartstopper Yearbook took me a single night to read, but it was such a joy to be briefly back in that world.

And I just finished up Seven Faceless Saints! I wasn’t sure I was going to get this one read before today, but the story was so engaging, and religious vibes are always going to be something that makes me shout a lot, so I flew through this one pretty quickly.

currently reading

I finally started Belladonna. Y’all, I’m making these goals happen one book at a time. I’ve really enjoyed having a stack of books on my nightstand so that I don’t usually have to think about what’s next, I can just grab off the top of that. I’m going to try to just read one book at a time right now, but I am also making eyes at a new Colin Meloy middle grade that I got, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

I did, however, start listening to Practical Magic because one of my friends wants to buddy read it since she has an annual reread, and it’s pretty good so far! I’m only just an hour into it, but I’m really enjoying it.

what’s next

I’m headed out to Scotland next week, so I’ve got to read some books that I’m bound to finish before Thursday of next week, which shouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve just got to be smart about it. And though I do have this upcoming weekend mostly off, I also have a BBQ to attend, class to teach, and I need to pretend pack to make sure I have enough packing cubes for clothes, so I’m not sure how much reading will actually get done. Either way, I’m looking at (wow, we’re so surprised) The Stars Did Wander Darkling because I had no idea Meloy had a new book out, and I’m always a fan of him. I’d also like to read My Dear Henry before the weekend is out, so hopefully I’ll be coming at you with another several books read next Wednesday.

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