Weekly Check-In: May 3, 2023

It has been a week of reading! And writing! All of my free time has been consumed by words, and it’s been absolutely wonderful, and I want so much more of it. I’m hoping that I continue along this track because it’s been a lot of fun, too.

recently finished

I read Year of the Reaper in three days, I think? It was so damn good, and though I knew that I was going to love it, and said last week that I was over the moon about it, I just did not expect it to knock me sideways as much as it did because damn. What a truly fantastic book, and it definitely made me want to reread Lucier’s duology.

I also, not at all on schedule, started and finished Woman, Eating. I was craving (ha) another vampire book, but I wanted something short and quick, and this definitely fulfilled that. It was so obnoxiously pretentious that I feel like this is definitely one people won’t like, but if you’re a fan of Only Lovers Left Alive–and I really, really am–this’ll be a hit for you. I had so much fun reading this, and it was such a good stop on the journey of 2023 vampires.

currently reading

Again, not on schedule, I started Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster. Two of my coworkers have started RWRB, and it’s got me on the queer contemporary train, and while I’ll definitely be rereading that before the movie comes out–don’t even get me started, I am not okay–I don’t want to start it before Scotland, so this is my RWRB fix until then. It’s really good, too, with writing similar to McQuiston’s, so it was definitely the right pick for what I was looking for.

what’s next

Schedule, what schedule? I’m trying, y’all, I am, and I’ve got a stack of books next to my bed right now, so I’m going to try to keep working through them. I’m starting to think about the books I want to take to Scotland, and what I’d like to read before then so I’m interested in those books, so this week’s possibilities are more of the same–Belladonna and Scattered Showers. Okay, only half the same, then, since the second one definitely wasn’t on my list from any of the weeks previous, but in wanting queer contemporary, I’m going to snag this really quick before I jump back into some fantasies.

One response to “Weekly Check-In: May 3, 2023”

  1. mphtheatregirl Avatar

    Writing- well, still trying to work on my WIPS. I am still struggling to find an illustrator for my main book. Lizzy the Lizard is kinda of at a Writer’s Block- picture books are harder than you think. Greatest Discovery and Ayra’s Story- well, still looking for inspiration and trying to get past the brainstorming and development stage

    Reading- well, currently in the middle of two


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