Weekly Check-In: April 19, 2023

Y’all, what a time it’s been since we last checked in, holy moly. I have:

  • Hosted an event for the boys in which we did dinner, played intense physical games for two plus hours, and got ice cream.
  • Less than twelve hours later, taught my hard yoga class, and gave 150% even though I was absolutely wrecked tired, and then immediately went for clothes & plant shopping, followed by tilling my entire backyard so that I could
  • Seed the entire backyard so that we can start working on grass, but there were a few more places to till first, which all would have been enough, but I had to meal prep, too!

I also tripped on the dog gate at the bottom of my stairs and smashed my knees, so all of that attributes to the lots of reading I got done.

recently finished

I finished up The Righteous, and it was definitely a three star book for me, but I had to rate it four stars because that ending. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for that tie-in, and I am way more hyped to read the fourth book now after that. Overall, though, it was a pretty standard book. This series is starting to feel like Shadowhunters, which isn’t bad, it’s just a very been there done that vibe for me.

In a complete turnaround, I finally started A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon! And I finished it! Because it was so freaking good, holy shit, why did I take so long to read it?? I preordered the second one while I was only halfway through, but I also read half of it in one day, and then the other half of it the next day because I truly could not put it down. This was exactly what I needed and wanted.

currently reading

Listen, my knees hurt so godsdamn bad after cracking them against the floor that I was in such a grouchy mood, and my Insta feed has just been wildly spammed with LOTR, so the only reasonable thing to do was to start relistening to The Fellowship of the Ring audiobook. I’ve been wanting to reread it for a little bit, and now felt like the best possible time.

I will have, ideally, started The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond shortly after this goes live. I intended to start it last night, but then I got to writing, and suddenly it was 10PM, and I was hella tired, so I brought it to work with the intention of starting it during lunch. I know, this book is totally out of left field, I haven’t talked about it at all, but it’s part of the stack I’m about to talk about, so it’s actually been on my radar for a few weeks now.

what’s next

I have a few books that have been loitering next to my bed for a while, namely The Night and the Moon by Piper CJ and Belladonna by Adalyn Grace, so I’d like to crack into those soon. I know that I had The Shattered City here last week, and I do still want to read that, I’m just not in the mood for a 700+ page tome right now, hence why I still haven’t even kind of touched Chain of Thorns. Maybe I’ll take one of them to Scotland and spend the whole trip reading it. That actually doesn’t sound that terrible, honestly.

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