Weekly Check-In: April 5, 2023

I climbed two days in a row, which is not my norm, and I woke up this morning absolutely body slammed by that, which means that, as I was getting into my car at 7:55AM, I realized I hadn’t even opened this, let alone started to draft it, so hi, I’m late, but I’m also exhausted, so I’m doing my best.

recently finished

I finally finished A Secret History of Witches, which shouldn’t really have a finally in front of it except that I intended to finish it a lot faster than I did, and the weekend just got away from me. I did get to spend some solid time on Sunday working my way through it, though, and it was so fantastic that I immediately wanted to buy and read anything else Morgan had done.

currently reading

I also finally started Book of Night since my book club is on Saturday, and I obviously want to get it done before then, but I was saving it for the week of. It’s very weird and very interesting so far. I’m about 100 pages in, and I’m hoping to finish it by tomorrow so that it has some time to percolate before we meet.

what’s next

Oh gosh, I don’t know. I have so many books piled next to my bed right now. I definitely want to start Certain Dark Things because I keep thinking about it, and this is the year of the vampire, so better get cracking on the several vampires books I bought recently. I also have the weekend off, though, so I’d like to get another book read in that space. I know I’ve put A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon on one of these already, and wow, both of these books were in my what’s next from last week, I should probably get going.

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