Weekly Check-In: March 22, 2023

After a week of not reading a lot because of various things, I’m trying to get back to reading every night after work, so I’m hoping to get quite a few books read in the next couple of weeks.

recently finished

As predicted, I did almost no reading over my weekend away. I did manage to get Blade of Secrets finished, which I’m pleased about, and I had an initial reaction of must read the second after that King Arthur sword in the stone bit at the end, but a few hours later, when I was actually at a bookstore, I had absolutely no desire to read the second one. The writing was poor, and while the characters were fine, they weren’t anything special, and the content itself was pretty meh. It was an enjoyable read, but no one that I want to continue.

currently reading

I finally started A Restless Truth, and my goodness, but it’s wonderful. I’m about halfway done with it, and I anticipate either finishing it tonight or getting pretty close. I’m secretly hoping that we’ll see Robin & Edwin toward the end, too, even if it’s just a little peek.

I have been trying to make some forward movement on Phantom of the Opera, and though I still have seven hours left, I’m going to finish it by the end of the month, damn it. I think I need to take some time off from audiobooks after this, though. The last few that I’ve listened to–other than Sam Heughan, but that was an exception in all ways because that voice–have definitely dragged way more than I wanted them to.

what’s next

I accidentally went on a shopping spree, which I haven’t done in a long ass time, and it felt really nice. I also did a deep dive through several articles in the last three years to try to find some new vampire books, and I got four, so there’s a whole lot going on for up next. I want to keep working on the books I’d set aside, so I’m hoping to get started on A Secret History of Witches in addition to one of the new books that I bought. Or maybe one of my lingering preorders. I’m not sure, but something else is going to happen, too.

I also joined a book club! One of the shops in Salem, Nocturne, has started an “after dark nontraditional” book club, and their first book is Book of Night, so I want to get that read soon since the first meeting is the second Saturday of April.

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