Weekly Check-In: March 8, 2023

The last week of reading to away from me in very predictable ways, meaning that I binge read the rest of the Captive Prince trilogy because I couldn’t not do that, and it was everything and more that I was hoping for.

recently finished

I got to the first kiss in Prince’s Gambit literally one second before I had to leave from my lunch break, and it made me absolutely mental because holy shit, it’s been an entire book and a half, so I ended up bingeing the last 150 pages after training one weekend, and I was up until midnight absolutely shrieking, and, um hi, look at what else I’ve recently finished, duh.

Because obviously I also had to binge read Kings Rising in two days, and it would have been one, honestly, if I didn’t have to work because holy shit. This series really put me through the ringer, and the cliffhanger at the end of the second book had me screaming, not to mention the third book had me absolutely weeping when everyone started kneeling before Laurent. This was just so good, and I can’t wait to read the short story collection.

currently reading

I’m drafting this Tuesday morning, so I’m not currently reading anything–that’s a lie, I did start listening to Phantom of the Opera–but I brought A Magic Steeped in Poison–don’t @ me, I know how many times I’ve put it in this check-in lately–so I’m hoping to start that at lunch today. I will also undeniably be starting the Summer Palace short story collection either this evening or next because duh.

what’s next

I’ve shifted my next up hopefuls to sit right next to my bed, and it’s actually been really nice. I’ve been mostly not thinking about what’s coming next because I’m just picking out whatever’s on the top of the stack. I did do some slight ordering of them when I first put them there, so they’re in an order that I think I’d likely want to read them in based on my usual bookish desires. On top of the stack is A Restless Truth, and I can’t remember what’s beneath it, but–oh, nope, I remember because I added it at the last minute. I’ve been really vibing the fantasy romance lately, so I stuck a Tricia Levenseller book in there, Blade of Secrets. I have no idea if it’s a fantasy romance, but The Shadows Between Us was so heavily that that it feels like a trope she probably falls into. Either way, I’m excited for it!

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