Weekly Check-In: March 1, 2023

I’m starting to sound like a broken record with the content of these posts, but you know what’s really cool? I’m three books behind on my goal for Goodreads, and I’m not stressed out about it. I’m just reading when I want to, and if I catch up, great, but if I don’t, also great!

recently finished

I didn’t get a lot of reading done in the last week, but I did manage to finish both The Ever Storms and A Dance with the Fae Prince, so I’m pretty pleased about that. I’m so sad that there aren’t more books currently published in Foody’s Wilderlore series, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. And while Fae Prince was good, it was also just fine, and the only reason I want to crack into the next one as soon as possible is because it’s vampires. Kova’s writing is very meh, and it’s not getting better with each book, so we’ll see if I end up picking up the upcoming merman one or not.

currently reading

You know, I had so many grand plans that I was going to read A Magic Steeped in Poison so I could continue getting through my witch books because I have an entire shelf of unread witch books, and I really need to start making some headway on them, and then I picked up The Prince’s Gambit because I am a predictable old fool, and I should have seen that coming eventually, but here we are.

what’s next

Okay, but I actually do have plans. There are a lot of books that I want to get to, not in any specific timeframe, just in a sort of specific order. Here are the books I’m currently looking at:

  • A Magic Steeped in Poison (duh)
  • Chain of Thorns (also duh)
  • A Secret History of Witches (I’ve been trying to read this for ages)
  • Hell Bent (my friend is currently reading this, and I really want to read it at/around the same time as her)
  • A Restless Truth (I pulled this off of my shelf at the beginning of February, so)

I do have YTT this weekend, so I don’t think I’ll be getting much, if any, reading done this weekend, but I’m hopeful to get a bunch done through the week.

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