Weekly Check-In: February 15, 2023

I cannot even begin to explain how tired I am. I’ve just been nonstop for three weeks, and the fact that reading has been a balm during all of that has brought me so much joy, and so, even though I don’t have a lot of moving and shaking going on in this week’s check-in, I have been consistently reading, and it’s been wonderful.

recently finished

The River of Silver was phenomenal. I want more short story collections for additional canon inside of already beloved universes. I love the seventeen endings of Tolkien and Katy Rose Pool. I want more of that. Let’s do away with the Maggie Stiefvater thinking of “if I didn’t write it in a book, it’s not canon, and all of you are awful” and bring on the Chakraborty thinking of “yes, more, please.” This was such a delight to read because it was an addition to something I already adored.

I also decided to put down Danielle Dulsky’s The Holy Wild Grimoire because it feels like something I need to work with, not just read, and I don’t have the space or energy for that right now. And though I am drafting this on Monday, so this could change by the time we get to Wednesday, I feel confident that I’ll have finished Clanlands either by the time this goes live on Wednesday or by the end of the day because I’ve got under three hours left, and that usually means I’ll binge listen to the end.

currently reading

As of Monday morning, I haven’t started anything new, but I’ve got Witches of Ash & Ruin in my bag, and it keeps calling to me, so by the time lunch rolls around, I’ll have started it. I also cannot stop thinking about The Ever Storms, so I’m going to slot that into currently reading assuming I’ll start reading it before Wednesday rolls around.

what’s next

I think it’s time. I know I’m going to have to dedicate at least a week to this, but probably more, honestly. Although, we do have a long weekend coming up, so maybe I’ll get cracking on it this weekend and be able to get a solid way through, which would be nice since I don’t really want to lug around an 800 page book to work, so it’ll take even longer since I’ll be reading another book at the same time. And yes, I am talking about Chain of Thorns. I know I want to read it this month, and I know it’s going to take me forever, so a long weekend seems like the perfect time to read it.

Ideally, I’ll have Witches of Ash & Ruin and The Ever Storms finished over the course of the week, so I think I’ll pair Chain of Thorns with A Magic Steeped in Poison. I’m really looking forward to this long weekend, so hopefully it’ll be slow and full of nothing.

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