Weekly Check-In: February 8, 2023

Admittedly, I forgot to finish writing this post until nearly 11PM on Tuesday night, and I should have gotten my laptop to do it, but I’ve got the snuggliest cat ever in my lap, so trying out the WP editor on my phone!

recently finished

I actually got a lot done! I’m honestly a little surprised by how much, especially given that I had YTT this weekend, so I anticipated getting way less reading done, but then Erin wasn’t available until later on Saturday, and we got out of training hella early on Sunday, so I ended up having more time than I thought I would, and not only did I finish The Weeping Tide, I also started and finished Captive Prince. After Dark Rise, I knew I needed to read more by CS Pacat, in part because Chelsea has hyped it up so much, and though she noted that I definitely needed to look at trigger warnings ahead of time, and I’m glad I did, I can also definitely see why this is a binge read type of book. The only reason I didn’t read it in a day was because I started it Saturday after training. If I’d had all day? Done in a second.

And not to let The Weeping Tide not have its moment to shine because I enjoyed it so much that I might be picking up the third one right away.

currently reading

I’m really doing good on my goals from last week because I picked up The River of Silver earlier this week, and I’m cooking right along in it. It’s hella short, so I should be done by now, but alas, I spent most of Tuesday night just snuggling my cat.

I did, however, get two more chapters of Clanlands listened to, and I have a three hour drive up to Maine on Friday with a three hour drive back on Sunday, so hopefully that’ll mean finishing this up.

what’s next

I should be putting Steel Tide here, particularly because I read the other two books I kept putting here, and while I do still want to get around to it, it’s not really calling to me right now. Since I’m headed up to Maine this weekend, I want to have The River of Silver finished by Thursday, which will happen given I’m halfway through, and it’s only 200 pages, I’m hopeful to start/read The Ever Storms, A Secret History of Witches, and A Magic Steeped in Poison by this time next week. Which is—very optimistic. But! I loved The Weeping Tide so much that I keep thinking about The Ever Storms, and I now have fifteen books about witches on my owned unread, and it’s stressing me out, so I want to get to them.

I’d also like to tackle Chain of Thorns in the second half of the month—it will undoubtedly take that long—so I’d like to make some serious headway on several books before I crack into that. Thus, in an ideal world, I will have five recently finished books in next week’s post. (Lies.)

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