Review: Harry’s House

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Thursday? But that says review and not Thursday Thousand? Listen, I said it right at the beginning of this month that the short stories might not actually happen, so instead, hi, we’re doing a review of Harry’s House.

I tested positive for COVID a few days after this album was released, so I spent the entirety of my quarantine listening to it all day every day, and I regret absolutely nothing because I am still listening to it every day. However, the day before Panic! at the Disco was due to release their new single, Viva Las Vengeance, I watched a forty-five minute review of someone listening to Harry’s House for the first time, and it was such a delight to watch that I decided to do mini reviews of each song on my Insta story while listening to the album with my headphones on and just lying in my bed because I wrongfully assumed we were getting a Panic album and not just a single, so I thought I was going to have to say bye to Harry’ House for a while, and now here we are, doing a semi longer version of it!

This is not going to become a thing, I don’t think, though that might be fun, but this album felt very gay to me in several different ways, so I thought it’d also be fun to review it during Pride. And yes, we are going to do this the same way as I did on Insta with Coachella intermissions because I will not survive this man’s fashion.

Music for a Sushi Restaurant

Highkey my favorite song on the entire album. This song is such a bop, like damn. The first time I heard it, I was ready to slam on the brakes and run out of my car screaming just so I could dance in the street. It’s so hyped up and fun and full of energy, and every time it came on during quarantine, I’d roll right out of bed and have the gentlest dance party ever because shortness of breath was one of my worst symptoms, and it was so hard to do anything, but you can’t not bop to this song when it comes on. I’m very much looking forward to being fully better so I can go hard af to this song.

Late Night Talking

This song had me on Amazon searching for yellow roller skates so I could make all my roller rink casual disco bellbottoms lowkey vibin’ with the windows down on a drive along the cliffs dreams a reality. Like, talk about something you want to be in the 60s coasting to free love about, this chorus fucking slaps. Harry really went all out in the beginning of this album, and I know we’re only two songs in, but these first two songs are such jams that I am READY for whatever comes next.


My favorite thing ever is watching people listen to this for the first time because they’re always like “alright we are gonna JAM LET’S GO” right into a whiplash of “wait are we ?????? okay” 90s grainy film nostalgia. It’s got such a killer beginning that just floats into the rest of the song, and I want to head bop my way through this entire song. I know I’ve already said it, but what a windows down cruising the highway song, I’m going to listen to this on repeat the next time I’m headed to the beach.

As it Was

I mean, OG fave, duh. When this single was first released, I listened to it for two days straight, and I’m not talking like a few times, I’m talking like I’ve listened to it forty times since it was released, which is not a lot, but at least thirty of those times were in those first two days. It’s still so good months later, too, and I’m just screaming over every single part of it.


The James Corden special of this song is on repeat on my head like nobody’s business, and I am not going to admit how many times I watched it over quarantine because it’s embarrassing, but I’m going to be thinking about blue and green Harry in a bathtub for MONTHS. And those lyrics? If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you. You’d be the spoon, dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you. How fucking romantic, I am deceased.

Little Freak

I was too excited about this album when it first released, so I didn’t fully appreciate this song, and it was such a joy to put my headphones on, lay down on my bed, and close my eyes while I finally gave it the attention it deserved. And every time I’ve listened to it since, I’ve had to just take a moment and smile as we get to the chorus because holy magic, but the growth in this man’s voice. It is pure joy to witness.


I know that the lyrics relate very closely to the film, but I don’t know if it’s actually about Matilda, and either way, this song is heartbreaking. We all know this, it’s nothing new, everyone’s out here like “weren’t we just boogying and now we’re crying???” Also, this is the song that makes this feel like a perfect Pride album to me because it’s such an embrace of love that you’ve chosen to surround yourself with because you deserve only the best love of all and nothing else, and that’s big.


My favorite part of the review I watched is when she says, “Okay, so we were just at the saddest, and now we’re at the horniest,” AND WHERE IS THE LIE. This song is such Kiwi vibes with the yelling at the end, don’t even look at me when that happens, and the rest of this is just holy shiiiiiiiiiit. This is really such a horny song, and I fucking love it.


THAT OPENING, THOUGH. Y’all know what part I’m talking about, it’s got me living. This one feels the most Harry of the whole album, like yeah, okay, solid Styles song, let’s absolutely crush this roadtrip. I could see this being on either Fine Line or his self-titled, though it fits so perfectly right in the middle of Harry’s House, and it’s such a vibe that has got me wanting to roll out of bed and gentle dance party again.

Keep Driving

This fucking song–it’s such a mellow vibe, we’re slow swaying, everything is super casual, and then, out of nowhere, that bridge–cocaine side boob choke her with a sea view EXCUSE ME SIR. I just love that energy of just twirling your hand out of the car window with a side order of LET’S GOOOOOOO.


This song, to me, reads like a friendship breakup one, and it breaks my heart. There’s something very raw and aching in this song that feels like losing a best friend and trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of yourself after that. That opening, you got a new life, am I bothering you?, is never not going to send me straight back to some of the darkest days of my life, but with such tenderness that it doesn’t hurt to do so. I’m still going to angrily scream this song into my steering wheel on the way to class before I cry through savasana, but man, it feels like healing.


Confession time. For just about anyone, I usually find myself kind of dragging toward the end of an album. It’s happened with him, with freaking Panic, with people across the board. All the meh songs end up toward the end, and I just vibe with the beginning half over and over again. But Harry comes through on this one because not only does this feel like a lullaby of independence and strength and power, it’s such a beautiful, gentle, warm end, and I respect the hell out of him for that.

Love of My Life

I don’t think I’ve talked about this song yet on the blog? It’s now an Andrew song for one of his lovers, which means that it’s going to surpass As it Was in listens real freaking fast because whewwwwww boy, every time it comes on, I hit repeat, and the only thing that gets me out of it is if the album loops to Music for a Sushi Restaurant, and I have to bop again. This is definitely my second favorite song on the entire album, and it would definitely be my favorite if not for the first one because nothing will surpass that joy, but damn, this song makes me want to drive at night and solve plot problems.

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