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Although it’s definitely not February anymore, and we’re well past Valentine’s Day, I’ve been spending the past month catching up on blog posts, and I just saw this tag on Words About Words. It was originally created by The Infinite Library, and given that I’m a huge fan of most tropes, I’m really excited about this one. I got about halfway through Bree & Tree’s post and was just like YUP HERE WE GO.

a book you fell in love with almost immediately

Y’all, Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers got me. I thought I was going to love it before I even started it, and I was so dead on. I mean, an astrophysicist accidentally gets married while having a nervous breakdown in Las Vegas to a totally off the beaten path late night talk show girl from New York? Honestly, what else was I expecting? Of course I was going to love it, and I five starred it so fast, and you will see it on my top ten reads at the end of the year.

a romantic pairing you probably shouldn’t love but you do

Man, I’m already so bad at this. I’m a very predictable person with a fairly low bar for romance. Generally, authors want you to root for the relationships in a book, so that’s what I usually do. I know I’m expected to say Jude & Cardan for this one, but I don’t like either of them as characters individually or together, so I think I’m going to go with Wrath & Emilia from Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco instead because they are both hella toxic, and they’re frankly a little abusive toward each other, but am I rooting for them to figure their shit out and get together in the third one? HELL YEAH.

a book you felt pressured to read

I don’t often succumb to peer pressure in any part of my life. I don’t drink, and I’ve been dealing with people trying to convince me to my whole damn life, and I don’t really react well to people telling me I have to do something, so I honestly can’t think of a book that I felt pressured to read? Even books that people give me, if I’m not interested, I’m not going to read it just because someone gave it to me. There are probably some books in my past that I felt pressured to read when I was doing the “I’m an adult, so I shouldn’t read young adult” stupidity, but I honestly can’t remember any specifics.

a book that wasn’t what you were expecting

I could chirp Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater because the marketing from it was so far from what it actually was, but I’m going to hold up Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor instead. The first 80 pages make it seem like it’s going to be just like every other young adult high fantasy out there. Predictable, but still really good, magic that mostly makes sense because I’ve seen it a hundred times before, and pretty standard characters. It was the first Taylor book I’d ever read, so you can forgive me for not realizing I was about to have my literal mind blown, and holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard for a character like I did Lazlo Strange.

a book/series you enjoyed more the second time around

I’m going to say Emergency Contact by Mary HK Choi? Which makes absolutely no sense because I vibed HARD over it the first time, but I find new ways to love it each time I read it, so you could technically say that I enjoyed it more the second time around. But I don’t love that because that implies that I wouldn’t given Choi literally anything she asked for solely because of that book the first time around.

a book you love from a genre you don’t usually read

Anything by Joe Hill! My first book by him was Horns because, duh, Daniel Radcliffe was in the film adaptation, and I’m normally a big read before I watch person, but horror isn’t something I usually hang out in, so I watched first and loved so much that I wanted to read. And what do you know, Hill is now one of my favorite authors, I will protect Bode from Locke & Key with my life, and I now love his books so much that I go to signings for them.

a book whose second half is better than its first or a series that gets better over time

I am going to find a book for this answer, but I want to say first that I don’t generally keep reading if something isn’t good in the first book. I truly don’t understand people who say it gets better by book three, like why am I going to waste so much time waiting for something to get good? My initial thought was Cassandra Clare because I know how much everyone doesn’t like TMI compared to the rest of the universe, but TMI is my favorite, so I’m going to go with the House of Furies trilogy by Madeleine Roux. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, but I was hollering by the time I got to third one, and that ending is still something that makes me want to weep with joy.

your house is on fire and you can only save one series! which two series do you die trying to choose between?

I mean, duh. I’m saving The Lord of the Rings, and I don’t honestly think there’s another series who could possibly go up against it. This is mostly because I can get copies of any of the other books that I own very easily, but I have a first edition of The Silmarillion and second editions of the trilogy, and those took a long time to find. So I’m definitely hurling my entire Tolkien collection out the window and not even worrying about anything else.

a book you wanted more from

Ugh, I don’t want to say The Marvelous by Claire Kann, but I’m going to because Kann’s other two books made me ugly cry, and I DNF’d The Marvelous. I don’t know what it was, whether it was just that a book revolving around social media really didn’t do it for me, or that the writing was just really subpar in comparison to her other two, but it didn’t work for me at all, and I’m still sad about it.

a book that got you hooked on romance

I mean, this could just be the entire genre. I’ve always been a fan of romance, and while I will always be a fan of fantasy first and way above anything else, I’ve also always been reading romance books. And I honestly can’t remember that far back into my reading to figure out the first romance that really got me going alright now let’s open up to more genres.

two characters who are made for each other

I will die for Lei & Wren from Girls of Paper & Fire by Natasha Ngan, and the arc of their relationship over the trilogy is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen, and I will never stop screaming about it. The trilogy itself was a truly perfect trilogy, and there’s not a single thing that I’d change about any of it, but the relationship between Lei & Wren is top notch, and when they came back together in the third book, I was an utter mess.

your favorite romance trope/a book that features it

This isn’t really a trope, but bi MCs in fantasy get me. There are so few that I can really only think of There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool and Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody, but Levi & Anton have my entire heart because there are bi messes, and I want so much more of it. I’m sure there’s at least one more on my bookshelf that I’m just not remembering, but I wish there were, like, seventy. Bury me in bi MCs in fantasy.

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    ahh yay; I’m glad you did the tag!! It’s a fun one!

    loved reading your answers too!

    xoxo, tree

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