WWW: February 23, 2022

ICYMI, I’ve hopped on the what are you reading WWW Wednesday posts, which are hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and my normal Wednesday posts, usually discussions, are moving to Thursdays. Not gonna lie, I haven’t read in four days, and holy hell, what a time it was.

what did you recently finish reading?

Full disclosure, I usually don’t read on Fridays. We get free lunch at work, so I normally spend my lunch period hanging out with the boys and just having a good time. We almost always get pizza on Friday nights at home, too, and Erin & I watch a movie every week, so there’s just not a whole lot of down time for reading. This weekend, I went up to Maine to spend the long weekend with Erin, so I left right after lunch, drove three hours north, and then pretty much immediately jumped into our weekend together.

Thus, I’m not surprised that I didn’t read Friday, but I fully intended to read while I was there. But before we get to that, I did finish Honey Girl before I got up there because I didn’t want to be in the middle of a book, and I really wanted to start a new one, so I was going into the weekend with a clean slate. I’m not sure why I keep doing that to myself since I almost never start a new book. If I’m in the middle of one, I’ll read that, but starting fresh while on vacation? Not my vibe, apparently.

Anywho, Honey Girl was fantastic, 10/10 would recommend, it’s going on my favorite reads list this year. But why didn’t I start a new book after that, I hear you asking? Well, Saturday was our day out since we were going to our friends’ house for a very late Imbolc celebration on Sunday. We stopped home briefly in between shopping to drop off our things, order food, and then head out to pick it up. Y’all. When I tell you we rolled into a gulley on the side of her driveway not once, but twice trying to get up the icy hill that was made infinitely worse by the snow that was starting to fall? I had myself convinced that I had a minor fracture in my kneecaps because holy hell, I can’t even kneel on my bed! I also big time fucked up my lumbar, so I’m going to be in pain for the rest of the week until I can get to my chiropractor next week, and I’m waddling all over the place because my knees are so sensitive because I pushed a damn Prius out of a ditch TWICE and fell five separate times, of course I didn’t start reading anything new.

what are you currently reading?

Honestly, the whole weekend was a wash, and I’m going to complain about this more in-depth in my wrap-up at the end of the month, but I did finally start The Hate U Give on Tuesday night, and though I didn’t get far–ya girl is so freaking tired, I went straight from Maine to teach yoga, food shop, and meal prep all with busted knees and a wrecked lumbar–I’m really enjoying it so far.

This is definitely a bit all over the place, but it’s 10PM on Tuesday night as I’m drafting this, and I just need to do my Duo and go to bed.

Here’s the Satan given truth. The Hate U Give is around 450 pages long, and I’m only fifty pages deep as of Tuesday night. Realistically, I probably won’t finish it until Saturday. Black History month ends on Monday, and I keep being wishy washy with my TBR, so I feel like I’ll get through that and read one more from the TBR before swapping it out. I keep pulling The Gilded Ones and Black Girl Unlimited off the TBR, so it may be one of those. Heck, maybe both! Wouldn’t that be nice. I was really aiming to get through this month’s TBR in its entirety, but circumstances have led me astray, and if I can get halfway through it, at least, that’d be awesome.

After that, who knows! That’s a problem for future!Mary to think about.

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