TV Series I Want to Finish

Oh boy, this list could be eons long. One of my toxic traits–other than walking through our work bathrooms right after they’ve been cleaned very damn day–is starting TV shows and never finishing them. Which, let’s be real, I don’t finish a lot of visual media that I start. The fact that I’ve consistently participated in a weekly movie night for over two years now absolutely baffles me. Getting me to watch a movie is like forcing a toddler into a car seat when they don’t want to. One of my friends has been trying to get me on TikTok since I don’t even know when, and it’s just not going to happen. I’ll watch, like, three reels on Instagram, and that’s way past my limit, so the idea of TV shows is rough.

It’s weird, too, because I used to love TV. In college, when the world is your oyster because you’ve got no job (I realize this is not the situation for everyone), there’s so much time to do things. I wrote insane amounts of fanfiction and original novels, I read all my school books in record time, and I watched endless amounts of TV. I’m talking the first five seasons of Supernatural in, like, two months or something? The entirety of Criminal Minds. All of Doctor Who. It was wild! Of course, being an adult means a lot less free time, and with a very time-consuming day job, a part-time night job, and more interest in reading & writing than I am in watching things, my TV watching has gone down a lot.

But there’s a reason that I used to watch so much, and it is still a medium that I enjoy very much, so I’ve been trying to focus on watching more TV over the last few months, and I have some TV-specific goals for this year. This could definitely be a top ten topic, but my free time to write blog posts is pretty sparse right now, so you’re getting this on a Thursday so something will actually go up tomorrow!

I have absolutely no idea if the last season of Atypical is the last one, but I think it is? I only recently watched the season right before it, and I meant to carry on, but I wanted to catch up with another show on this list, so I switched over to that one, and now I’m behind on both because that’s my MO. I adore this show, though, and it’s definitely one of my favorite contemporaries out there, so I’m hopeful that after I finish up what I’m currently watching, I can return to it.

Admittedly, I’ve only got three episodes of the second season of A Discovery of Witches left, and it’s not looking promising. They’ve finally introduced the misogyny with Matthew that they removed in the first season, and it nearly made me stop the episode in the middle. It’s so unnecessary, and it’s abusive, and it’s just gross, so to see it coming into play at long last really bummed me out. I do want to finish out the show, though, because I’m curious how they’re going to do the third book–I probably shouldn’t be, given that was my least favorite–so I’m going to try to watch the last three episodes of this before the end of February so I can finally get to the third and final season.

Look, don’t even talk to me about Gentefied being cancelled, I am bereft. I rewatched the first season right before the second season came out, and I was in the middle of a few other shows when the second season released, so now I’m here still not having watched it knowing that it’s been cancelled, and my heart is broken. This was definitely one of my favorite shows out there, and I’m going to miss it for a long time.

I think that we collectively didn’t love The Haunting of Bly Manor, but my bar is pretty low in general when it comes to visual media, and I have watched the first episode of this, though I’ll need to rewatch it when I finally get around to this. I loved Hill House, and I’m vibing hard over Midnight Mass, so I do want to watch Bly Manor at some point, even if it’s not that great. It’s horror, it’s in an old house, and it’s vaguely historical, so it’ll make me super happy regardless.

It drives me mental that I haven’t watched the second season of Locke & Key yet. I started it! But I don’t think I’ve watched more than an episode, despite the fact that I’m a huge fan of the graphic novels and thought the first season was utterly fantastic. I keep doing this, though. I’ll start a show because I know I want to watch it, and then I won’t get past the first season. This one’ll definitely happen soon, though, since it’s on my currently watching list on Netflix, so as soon as I get through Midnight Mass, which I started on accident, I’ll return to this.

I could just copy and paste from above for Lost in Space. This show is one of my all-time favorites, and while I am also heartbroken that it’s done, I’m pleased that it was finished and not cancelled. Shows that know their arc and stick to it–this is a direct call out to the shit seasons of Supernatural–are always at the top of my list, and I’m so excited to see how they close out this series

Lucifer was one of the few shows that I remembered to follow while it was on cable television, and the fact that I’ve fallen away from it after it came to streaming with Netflix is nothing short of hilarious. I don’t know what it is, if you tell me I’ve got to watch something at a certain time, I’m almost guaranteed to keep up with it, but if it’s all there and waiting for me, I just consistently forget about it. I do want to finish out this series this year, though, so it’s on the very soon list!

I didn’t mean to start Midnight Mass, but it happened, and I’m not mad about it. It’s been on my radar for a few months now, and one of my friends has been harping on me to watch it until she finally spoiled the big reveal in it, and guess what, that worked. I won’t spoil it here, but man, that combination of Catholicism & iykyk is my absolute jam, and I am hyped. Out of all these shows, I’ll probably finish this first since I’m about halfway in, and I definitely want to finish it this weekend.

I also started the new season of Queer Eye by watching one episode and then immediately not watching the rest of it. I should probably get myself into watching this during the week because it’ll keep me happy and ready to be alive during the hectic workweek, so we’ll see if I can squeeze in an episode doing that. This is a great meal prep show, though, so if I can finish Midnight Mass this weekend, I might return to Queer Eye Sunday night while I’m cooking.

Sex Education is the other show with Atypical that I’m bouncing back and forth between. I should just commit to one and watch one, but here I am, watching a season of one and then a season of the other. This one, at least, I think is still continuing, and the latest season isn’t that old, so hopefully I can mostly stay current with it. This is definitely a priority in the next few months, though!

Not me deciding that I was going to rewatch all of Supernatural so that I could finally watch the last few seasons last year and then not getting past season two. I love the first five seasons of Supernatural, too, so I want to get back onboard with this rewatch and finally see it through to the end. I’m under no suspicion that I’m going to complete this this year given that it’s fifteen seasons long, and that would require more than a season a month, but maybe about halfway through is a good goal to reach for.

And last, but nowhere near least, is the new season of The Witcher. I rewatched season one at the end of last year, and I was totally geared up to watch the new season as soon as it released, especially because I rewatched the first season so fast, but this is my MO, we’ve already discussed this, I’m bad at watching literally everything. Soon, though, which I realize is what I’ve said for every single show on here, so let’s talk about an actual game plan.

Currently, I’m actively in the middle of A Discovery of Witches, Midnight Mass, Queer Eye, and Locke & Key. I think I’ll realistically finish up Midnight Mass this weekend, and Queer Eye will be a when I have time kind of show. I’m aiming to finish season two of ADOW in February so I can watch season three in March (ideally before I leave for Portugal), and I’d also like to finish season two of L&K this month.

Next up would be, in this order:

  1. Lost in Space
  2. The Witcher
  3. Gentefied
  4. Atypical
  5. Sex Education

After that, it’s kind of anyone’s game. I’m not super on the let’s watch it RIGHT NOW train for either Lucifer or Bly Manor, and Supernatural is going to take half my life anyway at this rate, so we’ll see if they sneak in here or there while I’m working on others. But these are the shows that I’m hoping to watch this year, which is not a lot, but the combination of me being bad at watching things and probably watching other things unexpectedly means that this list is pretty reasonable for me.

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  1. mphtheatregirl Avatar

    I don’t technically watch T.V. series——–but have fallen in love outside of T.V. I love some of the food network shows though.

    When it comes to an actual series though, fallen in love with one by Netflix- “Anne with an “E”

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    1. mphtheatregirl Avatar

      *Plus “The Mandelorian”


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