TTT: Favorite Couples in My Books

This went from a bookish one that I can’t remember to things that I loved about my life to my favorite love interests in my books to me not being able to not talk about Andrew 37 times, so here we are with my favorite couples in my books. Some of these, I’ve talked about extensively (Andrew), some of these I’ve never talked about (Ambrose), and some of those I haven’t talked about in a while (Sam), so I’m pretty hyped to be digging back into these. And yes, there are twelve, let me have my neat aesthetic. Also, these are in absolutely no order at all, just how they popped into my head, which is probably an order in and of itself.

Theo & Finn

Of course we’re starting with the star of the show, who am I kidding saying these aren’t in an order, Theodore rules my damn life, and his relationship with Finn is why I was put here on this earth. They’re your absolute classic case of rotten thundercloud asshole made soft by an actual rainbow of sunshine. Finn wears gold booty shorts when they go to the Pride parade. He also wears a shirt with a tiny embroidered rainbow on it one day. And the light blue shirt with the navy breast pocket that Theo has an absolute meltdown over on an every time Finn wears it basis? If Theodore could wear all black and murder people with his eyes, he would do it 100% of the time, which is why he has to dead leg Finn every time Finn opens his damn perfect mouth and smiles like he’s Satan’s gift to the earth. (He is, we all love Finn, and when I was trying to figure out who died in the third book, all of my readers sent me very angry messages that they would stop reading if Finn died. Mind you, he doesn’t even have a POV, he’s just that beloved.)

Henley & Luciana

Henley is me, which is a lot to bottle up, so we’re not even going to look at it, and her relationship with Luciana is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Spoilers, #sorrynotsorry, but their Goth wedding is truly peak writing for me, and my CP was hyped that the trilogy ended on their wedding. I had their proposal to each other planned for months before I even realized I was going to write it into the book, and my heart rate was definitely skyrocketing when I was writing it. Henley is such an independent, do it you won’t, ass kicking woman, and Luciana is just over here wearing a face mask and wondering if they can watch the original Addams Family before bed.

Andrew & Rafael

Okay, clearly I did have some kind of order in my mind because Theodore, Henley, and Andrew are the three heads of power in my universe, so duh, of course I had to open with them. Andrew is also the character. Like, everything else revolves around him. His origin story is stupidly long–I’m really underselling it here, it’s gross how long it is–and that’s before we even get to his trilogy, which is also before we even talk about his cameos in every single book. And because Andrew is so old and carries so much history, I knew I had to balance him with someone that was going to remind him to smile and breathe and just take a step back every once in a while. Andrew’s not even grumpy, he’s just exhausted, and if not for Rafael, he would have found a way to kill himself a long freaking time ago, and it’s not even that Rafael is sunshine, but he’s soft, and he’s gentle, and he’s so damn understanding, and it’s exactly what both of them need. My favorite version of them is definitely historian Rafael & detective Andrew, but I’ll take king Andrew & commander Rafael any day.

Mason & Lukas

I’m well aware that I’ve got a sour puss and a sweetheart in every single one of my books, and I am not backing down from that, I love that trope so much. Somehow, though, Mason is definitely my angriest character, which is going to be hilarious when you guys finally meet him because he first appears in sister witches, and he’s so normal. He’s happy, he’s figured out his life, he’s not self destructing anymore, and he’s in a stable relationship. All is well! His origin story? Literally the opposite. I’m still not certain on the details of Mason & Lukas’ story because they’ve changed so many times–from best friends since childhood to broken up at the beginning and slowly getting back together to complete strangers meeting for the first time–but their characters never change. Mason is always furious at everything, and Lukas is always sighing at him to just chill the hell out.

Freddie & Hugo

Not gonna lie, though Theo & Finn will forever remain my faves, Freddie & Hugo definitely give them a run for their money. It’s really just Freddie, if I’m being honest, because he’s been one of my favorite characters to create and write ever. Across all of my books, he’s probably the one I’ve enjoyed the journey with the most, as well as the one that I feel the most satisfied with at the end. I’ve left most of my characters in pretty good places at the end of their books, but Freddie & Hugo are really freaking solid at the end of theirs. I don’t write unhappy endings, and I’ll never break up the couples that I put together, so it should come as no surprise that Freddie & Hugo live happily ever after until the end of their days, and I love that for them. Freddie is an absolute maniac lit on fire, and Hugo is such an old fart. Freddie’s thieving books from the special collections section that he’s been explicitly told not to touch, and Hugo’s just over here sneaking scones into the library so he can maybe convince Freddie not to hide in a broom closet when they’re closing so he can carry on with his work into the night.

Bea & Eleanor

Somehow, Bea & Eleanor are not the most recent, nor the ones I’ve spent the least amount of time with, which is wild considering I’ve only written eight chapters of their story, and they’ve only just met at that point, but Ambrose & Irvine only have one chapter, so. They’re not on this list, but I’ve got a story that I fondly call bookstore boys, and it stars Will & Émilien, who are madly in love with each other and always have been, even if both of them are too dumb to realize it, and Bea & Eleanor popped up as literal copy and pastes of Will & Émilien not too long ago. I started calling them sycamore girls, but they really just are the lesbian version of bookstore boys, and that’s definitely to do with why I haven’t finished writing it. Bea is also one of my only characters who has crippling anxiety, and while all of my characters have got mental health issues, Bea’s definitely shows up the most given her contemporary genre. Eleanor is my typical psycho, though, definitely in the vein of Freddie & Irvine (don’t @ me, I know they’re mirrors, too), and it makes for such a fun balance between them. While Eleanor’s dying her hair hot pink and riding a motorcycle, Bea would just like to get through one day without crying.

Henry & Cole

Oh man, this is such a TBT. I haven’t written or talked about Saints in so long, but I somehow managed to group all three of my favorite couples from that universe here. Cole was originally on the list of favorite love interests in my books, but it’s 100% the couple below that ended up turning this into favorite couples. I love Cole, I really do. He’s such a sad, but determined to not be boy, which is so not my usual MO. He’s had such a shit life–orphaned at a young age, forced to live on the streets, where he ended up getting his ass kicked periodically and starving, until he finally went to the Saints for help, where he started to find a family and was beginning to settle in until he screwed up big enough that Landon kicked him out, but still trusted him enough to send him to look after his baby brother, Henry, and now Cole’s living with someone he knows he’s not supposed to love because Landon would absolutely murder him, and that’s not even his biggest worry because their father is truly a monster, and Cole takes the brunt of the beatings so that Henry won’t have to, and wow, what a sentence. Henry is so soft and naive and sweet, and Cole is a really good balance to that. They feed off each other’s energy all the time until Cole doesn’t want to be sad not because Henry is overflowing with joy, but because they’re in such a steady, stable place with each other that he doesn’t want to be sad because he wants to be present with Henry.

Sam & Julian

Ah yes, my problem children. Technically, Julian is the love interest here, but me attempting to think of Sam as any kind of main character syndrome nonsense where he’s the one to be pursued just had me cackling, but I also can’t put him as the love interest, despite the fact that Julian does have a POV, and he is a main character, because Sam is just–he’s so bad at this. Honest to Satan, who let him have feelings? Sam’s been through it. Like, take Cole’s life and triple it. He’s really been dropped headfirst in a shark tank of piranhas, and Julian is just this larger than life, king of the ocean, Bruce Wayne kind of figure that Sam is so not starstruck by because he’s too busy trying not to wither away and die over his trauma nightmares. I truly didn’t even know they were going to be a couple until Julian was asking Sam if it was okay if he kissed him, and Sam & I both did a huge say what now.

Landon & Ezra

The true light of my life, Landon Ash is someone that I’ve been dreaming about for a couple weeks now, which is how he first came into my brain, so who knows, maybe that means something. He’s my original sad bad boy, which of course means that Ezra is also my original sad soft boy, and look at that, we put two sad boys together, it’s wonderful. These two are probably bad for each other just given how much collective trauma they have, but they somehow manage to balance each other out and help each other stay afloat, so while Landon is definitely deep diving into daddy issues & debilitating chronic pain, Ezra’s over here with night terrors & self destructive tendencies, and that works? I’m happy for them.

Sam & Penelope

Yes, I did feature three relationships from the same book, what of it? I don’t know a whole ton about Sam & Penelope yet just because they’re in Andrew’s modern story, and I’m still working on his history, but they have both existed in my brain since 2015, so I know enough about them. Sam is Andrew’s detective partner, and she’s been friends with Penelope for several years now. Orphaned at a young age and turned into a spitfire because of it, Sam is such a stubborn badass that also gives off do it you won’t vibes, and Penelope is very much a Finn character. For once, I don’t have an angry one in this ship because Sam’s also pretty level-headed and confident in herself, but Penelope is definitely the sunshine character. She’s a doctor, hella excited about being included in the vampire world, and so in love with Sam, it’s ridiculous. They’re gonna figure it out someday, I swear, but they definitely start as still friends pining for each other with no idea, and they’ll eventually make it to holy shit wait I love you too status.

Ambrose & Irvine

And here we are at my most recent & least known couple! That should probably mean that they don’t belong on a list of favorite couples, but when I tell you that the amount of time I spend thinking about these two idiots is astronomical, I’m not kidding. I have replayed the first opening five chapters of this book in my head so many damn times because I just love the idea of Ambrose alone, drunk off his ass because he’s too afraid of himself when he’s alone, being mildly tortured by ghosts, and definitely close to a mental breakdown when Irvine arrives like a knight in shining armor, full Freddie steam ahead madness, and honestly just a tornado stampeding through until he turns into a soft, come here kind of a fool in love. Ambrose & Irvine are together at the start of the book, though they’re in a casual thing that’s 100% going to turn into something dead ass serious after the classic moment of Person A realizing they would move heaven and earth to save Person B.

Andrew & Thanasis

Originally, I could have easily pared this down to ten, but I really wanted to include Ambrose & Irvine because I’ve been having so much fun with them, and though there are plenty others that I could have tossed onto this list, there’s something special about Thanasis. Andrew is closing in on 2000 when Rafael meets him, and honestly? That’s way longer than he ever wanted to live. I can guarantee that, had Rafael not come along, Andrew would have found a way to kill himself after Thanasis dies, and I think that’s why I love Thanasis so much. He’s the last of Andrew’s human lovers, and there’s something so gentle and forgiving about him that of course he’s the last. He’s exactly who Andrew has always needed, but never been ready for, and it’s heartbreaking that it’s only at the end of his life that Andrew finally allows himself to be loved, without conditions and without bloodshed. Thanasis is perhaps the first truly kind person that ever loves Andrew, for though he’s been loved by and loved many kind men, there’s something so wholesome and sweet about Thanasis’ kindness that he breaks my heart every time.

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