TTT: Why Hobbits Are a Mood

I mean, I kind of feel like this doesn’t even need a post because duh, we all know why hobbits are a mood. I also talked about a few of the reasons below tomorrow in more depth, but I thought this would be a fun, silly post about the best race of Middle-earth and why they’re so damn relatable.

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They are always ready to eat.

I love food. I don’t really enjoy cooking it, but I love eating it, and I think I’d like making it more if I had a kitchen of my own to just have fun and get messy. Food is just magic, and seeing things come together is so much fun, and I love how much hobbits love food. It’s such a huge part of their personalities, and so much of their culture revolves around food, and I just get that.

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And eat again.

And I’m always ready to eat again. My response to are you hungry is always, at all times, because yes. Food is love, and I’m always ready to eat again. The only food that I don’t like is celery, but literally everything else is a go, and I’ll eat it all at any given time.

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That face Bilbo makes when he sits down to a quiet house.

My favorite part of the day is when everyone else goes to bed, and the house gets really quiet. The cats are snuggled up for bed, there’s no music or TV on, no one is breathing loudly or talking incessantly, the dogs aren’t barking, the sounds of night are trickling in through the window, and it’s just quiet. Bliss. And I love this part of hobbits, how much they truly love their alone time and reconnecting with themselves through quiet and just existing without anything extraneous necessary.

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And then is immediately disgruntled when someone knocks on the door.

Also this, though, because hard same. I just want to be left alone. I live with my family still, and there are six people and four animals, and it’s a lot. I’d honestly love nothing more than to live alone with my cats where no one is knocking on my door unless I’ve invited them over. I don’t love an excess of noise, even if I’m the one making it, so being constantly bombarded by it is all sorts of difficult.

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But I do love a good party! Though I’m largely introverted, I do like to spend time with my friends and have a good time. Going out to celebrate the high holidays in the woods and just laugh and dance and work magic sounds absolutely divine, and I love that hobbits have that balance, that they both adore long moments of quiet, but are also ready to get up and dance at any given time.

Frodo reading a book | Seigneur des anneaux, Seigneur, Trilogie

Quiet mornings under the sun.

I know I’m sounding a bit repetitive here, but this gif of Frodo reading a book in the grass while leaning against a tree is probably what the afterlife looks like for me. To be surrounded by the sounds of nature with nothing but a book to keep me company–where do I sign up? The slowness and softness with which hobbits live their lives appeals to me so strongly.

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They’re amazed by magic, no matter how many times they’ve seen it.

I mean, come on. There is no chance that any one of us would not be consistently amazed by magic. I’m always a bit confounded when characters in fantasy books are just like yeah whatever it’s magic. Like no, my dudes! Magic is so incredible! I am always awestruck by it! My favorite scenes in the second season of A Discovery of Witches so far have been when Diana is just utterly baffled by her magic. Same! Magic is so cool!

Hobbits Gonna Ranger: The Samwise Gamgee Ranger Mini - Page 2 - Rangers -  Nerd Fitness Rebellion

Samwise Gamgee’s unwavering loyalty.

This originally said the Gaffer instead, but he’s not actually in the movies, and thus doesn’t have any gifs of him, plus the scouring of the Shire doesn’t exist in the movies, and that’s what I’m actually thinking of here, how the Gaffer was imprisoned and lightly tortured because he refused to bow beneath the whims of Saruman because he would never betray his fellow hobbits. But Sam’s unwavering loyalty is the main reason why I love him, too, and the stout, stubborn nature of hobbits is always going to be why they’re the best race in Middle-earth.

Moonlight Flower Petal

Both their utter delight with elves & disdain with Men.

This is also another hard same because elves at a distance are just so wondrous to witness, and most hobbits don’t ever get a chance to see them up close, so they always hold them in wonder and awe, but they do have interactions with Men, and well. Men are the worst, and I totally vibe with wanting to never interact with them while simultaneously being like woah look at those glowing magical beings in the distance, they’re so pretty.

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How attuned they are to nature!

Let’s be real, the only reason that the Ents go to war is because Merry & Pippin ignite in them an old wound that has long festered, and they’re able to do so because of how attuned hobbits are to nature. The earth around them is nearly as important to them as the food they love, and of course it’s a pair of hobbits that are able to convince the Ents to join the war, and I just love that. To be so connected with the earth that the earth reaches back out to you–that’s magic.

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