WWW: January 12, 2022

ICYMI, I’ve hopped on the what are you reading WWW Wednesday posts, which are hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and my normal Wednesday posts, usually discussions, are moving to Thursdays. Not gonna lie, the week did not get easier after my very late WWW post last week, which is why I’m drafting this post on Sunday rather than my usual late afternoon Tuesday draft. It’s just been constant motion at work, and I’ve barely had time to sit down and go through my email, let alone find the space to work on the blog, so I figured I’d get this out of the way now.

what did you recently finish reading?

Nothing? Wait, that’s a lie. In truly one of the most shocking turn of events, I DNF’d Claire Kann’s The Marvelous. There wasn’t anything wrong with the book, it just wasn’t for me, and while I’m really bummed out about that, I’m also proud of myself for not continuing to read it when I really wasn’t enjoying it. I did not, however, even touch Tolkien and the Great War because I am the worst, and it was a long week followed by a weekend of me just bingeing the last season of Schitt’s Creek because I was Tired.

I did also read The Crystal Healer in about thirty minutes flat, though that was because I just flipped through the glossary section of the book, and there was really only about forty pages of non-glossary text in there. It was still really good, though!

what are you currently reading?

I started Fire with Fire on Thursday of last week, I think, and then didn’t even look at it again at all. It’s sitting on the bed next to me right now, and I could have picked it up at any point tonight, but instead, I chose to read The Crystal Healer, which was unplanned, but ended up being exactly the right thing to read. However, I’m either working from home tomorrow, or working in a very limited capacity in the office, so I’m hoping to get some substantial reading done tomorrow on this because I did really enjoy the first fifty pages of it!

what do you think you’ll read next?

In an ideal world, Fire with Fire is a little over 400 pages long, and Tolkien and the Great War is a little over 300 pages long, which means I’ve got 350 + 250 between the two of them, and this shouldn’t be impressive math, but it is to me, says that I’ve got 600 pages. I honestly second-guessed myself. If I could read 200 pages a day of some combination or just one or the other or whatever, I could have both of them finished by Wednesday, which would be really nice.

After that, I think I’d like to dive deep into a high fantasy, so I envision picking up A Psalm of Storms and Silence because I really want to tackle my TBR this month even though there are about five high fantasies on my bookshelf just siren calling me right now. I think I’ll probably read two books at the same time again even though I told myself I wouldn’t do that, but I am enjoying it with different genres, and I might read The Falling in Love Montage at the same time. I’ll probably throw in the second volume of The Crystal Healer, as well, and I keep taking Magickal Tarot off my shelf, so those are both possibilities, too, especially given I usually breeze right through witch books like that.

Anywho. That’s the ideal world! We’ll see what happens.

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