Happy Birthday, JRR Tolkien!


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Happy birthday to the one, the only, the greatest man alive–John Ronald Reuel Tolkien! It somehow gets better and better every year, which is probably because I fall in love with him way more each year. I know it sounds all joking, calling him the light of my life, but Tolkien has brought so much joy to my entire life, and especially these last five years, and I’m really grateful for both his words and his adorable person.

ICYMI, this is the third annual celebration of the world’s most incredible author, and I am so hyped to be bringing you another month of posts. For the last two years of posts, check out An Adventure in Tolkien, which is always updated with any new posts pertaining to literally anything Tolkien, whether that’s LOTR or not. (Though it is, for the most part, almost entirely LOTR.)

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Like the past two years, the blog is going to be Tolkien central for the month of January. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover because yes, I did 100% start planning these posts three months in advance, I am ready.

  1. Mondays, as always, are discussion days. Since we’re coming up on the third year of this celebration, I’m starting to dig into topics that I’ve saved for a rainy day or wouldn’t normally break open into a discussion, like two entire posts dedicated solely to Boromir & Faramir each.
  2. Tuesdays are, of course, top 10s, and I got a little goofy this year since I’m normally so rip your heart out with these lists.
  3. Wednesdays will be sticking with my newly added what are you reading days, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some Tolkien reading this month, so hopefully you’ll get a little added bonus of him every damn day.
  4. Thursdays are going to be an amalgamation of reviews, rants, and and an entire post dedicated to my LOTR tattoos (there are a lot). Anything is up for grabs!

I’m so excited for another year of this, and I can’t wait to share all the love with you, so get your party hats on and grab a mug of ale because it’s time to light a few fireworks and hug all your friends!


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