#NaNoWriMo: Week Four

I am not anticipating writing anything this week, but I’m going to keep a brief log just to be sure. I don’t know if I’ll actually end up posting it, so if you’re reading this, huzzah! I said whatever and threw it up there anyway.


Today was Friendsgiving at work, and it was such a joy. After a really hectic week of investor visits and a lot of building, it was nice to be able to sit down for a few hours and just hang out with the boys. It took me about an hour to setup everything, and there was way more food than I was anticipating. Like, an insane amount, and now our company fridge is bursting with leftovers. It also took about an hour to break down everything, so when you think about it, it was a four hour event for me before I went climbing with my brother, taught yoga, and still wanted to read a bit at night, so there was no chance of writing happening today.

And honestly? I’m not actually mad at that. Finishing a lover for Andrew is like finishing a book. It’s a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end, and I’ve often taken upwards of a month break in between books, so it makes sense to me that I’m not immediately diving into the next lover. Who knows, maybe the wind will change, but I’m perfectly happy with just doing some media consuming for a couple weeks before I start in on Dimos.


It’s 11:30AM as I’m drafting this paragraph, and I’ve spent a good portion of this morning catching up on blog posts. I’m a solid month behind, and it’s been bugging me so much that I’m just steadily making my way through everything that I missed. I was so focused on both work and writing that I haven’t taken the time to check in with my favorite blogs, and I think I’ll probably spend a few more hours going through. I also really need to do some blog post writing, too, so I may work on some of those today.


Today was insane, and I think the only appropriate way to break it down is to break it down:

8AM: Breakfast & check work emails
9AM: Prep dough & filling for pies
12PM: Booster shot and lunch!
2PM: Roll out pie dough & cut lattice work
3PM: Bake pies!
5PM: Holy shit, I’ve been in the kitchen for six hours, I need to sit down.

I was also starting to feel kind of tired by the end of the day, so I tucked up with a book and did a little reading. My parents & I ended up having a really fun night of playing games and just hanging out, so I didn’t even get a ton of reading done today, and my booster shot was about to hit me big time.


I had a fever pretty much all of Wednesday night, so I was up about once an hour, which meant I was a complete zombie when I woke up on Thursday morning. I spent the whole day in glasses, which I only do if I’m so exhausted that my contacts will laugh at me if I try to put them in. I don’t think I even read on Thursday? I might have. I ended up taking a shower and putting my contacts in when we got back from Thanksgiving, and though I felt a little refreshed, I was still pretty tired.


Today is entirely the reason for why this post is going up. Woke up feeling like a champion, decided I was going to spend the morning reading and catching up on blog stuff, and then went out to lunch with Jen. After we dropped her fiance off, we went over to a cafe for her to write a paper and me to maybe just write (?????), which was what originally set me off on the path back to writing, so I was crossing all my fingers and toes, and what do you know!

It was only a small amount, but I ended up writing the opening scene for the next lover, and I am so ready to keep diving in. I don’t plan on doing any writing for the weekend given that I’ve got a lot of meal prep and reading to do–not only did I abandon all my writing goals, I also completely flunked on my readathon dream for this long holiday–but I’m really pleased that I’ve at least started Dimos because now it’s full steam ahead.

I may end up doing something writing on Monday & Tuesday of next week, but I don’t want to pressure myself into the possibility, particularly because I’m going to have a lot to do on Monday after several days away, so we’ll wrap this up here.

Daily word count: 1,797
Final word count: 23,012

I’m happy with those numbers. I finally got back into writing after a few months away, I finished up Aurelian’s section, rounding out a third lover for Andrew, and I started a new lover. That’s a lot of progress! This story is going to take me, at the very least, around two years to write, and I’m coming up on halfway done with the first part of this story, which I’ll hopefully have finished by year’s end. It was much less than I’d thought might be possible for this year’s NaNoWriMo, but it’s also a lot more than I thought I was actually going to achieve.

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