WWW: November 17, 2021

ICYMI, I’ve hopped on the what are you reading WWW Wednesday posts, which are hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and my normal Wednesday posts, usually discussions, are moving to Thursdays. I mostly did what I said I was going to? What is going on??

Y’all, I am shook. Not only did I mostly finish the books I said I wanted to, I was ahead of the game with my reach goals, and I’m hyped. I finished The Road Through the Wall on Sunday, and though I meant to also finish Kingdom of the Cursed, I ended up having a crazy busy day, and I’m still only halfway through as of drafting this. Though, hopefully, given how I couldn’t stop reading the first 200 pages, I’ll hopefully have it finished either by Monday or Tuesday, at the very latest.

I also read Vespertine over the week, and it may end up being my favorite read of the year, though stay tuned because I’ve still got a ton of exciting new releases left. (Lolllllll, who am I kidding, Artemisia & the revenant destroyed me.)

And though it’s not reading, I also finished writing a section of my book! It’s broken up into nine sections, three of which equal a novel’s length, so, technically, I finished writing a full book this weekend? I wrapped up the third lover of Andrew’s @ 33k words, bringing the story to 112k words so far, and we’re only just finishing act one, so it’s a long way to go, but I’m excited with the progress!

As of this post, I’m still reading Kingdom of the Cursed, though I intend to finish it pretty quickly. I also had to build ten chairs today, so I listened to two chapters of ROTK, and I’m now officially at the ten hour mark! Hopefully, I’ll continue to zoom through this and be done in just over a week, which I’d really like since that’ll mean I can finally sit down and write my review for it.

You know, I actually don’t know. There are so many options! I was feeling the witch vibes this weekend, and I pulled The Scapegracers off of my shelf, and that’s still kind of calling to me, so we’ll see if I sway that way, but I’m not really certain anymore. I’ve been reading a lot of intense fantasy lately, and I’d kind of like to set it aside for a book or two and take a small break, so maybe it will end up being exactly what I need.

However, I also know myself, and the second I finish Kingdom of the Cursed, I’m going to be eyeballing my preorders stack again and just going full psycho by picking a high fantasy instead. If I do, I’m kind of leaning toward A Psalm of Storms & Silence, but Our Violent Ends also just shipped, but I still haven’t started Little Thieves, so it’s really anyone’s game right now. And, I mean, look at those covers together, I think I have to read them all in a row now.

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