WWW: All the Graphic Novels!

ICYMI, I’ve hopped on the what are you reading WWW Wednesday posts, which are hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and my normal Wednesday posts, usually discussions, are moving to Thursdays. I love how I was like, “I’m going to read every book known to mankind, but I’m going to be attainable about it!” and then proceeded to read five books this weekend, but none of which were ones I said I was going to.

Gosh, what a loaded question. I did not get my act together, so while I did start and finish Sorcery of Thorns, it took much longer than I meant it to. I ended up finishing it Saturday night right before we started our movie night, and then I promptly decided to ignore literally every single other plan I had for the weekend.

On Sunday alone, I read the Small World and Heaven & Earth volumes of Locke & Key, the entirety of volume one of Lore Olympus, and the first season of Punderworld, as well as a chapter of Return of the King AND the first 70 pages of The Road Through the Wall. What in the actual hell. I told myself I was going to take my time with Lore Olympus, and the next thing I knew, I only had a few episodes left. I also totally forgot how long everything took to start in the beginning, so I’m not surprised I read through the entire thing. And I know that I could just pop online and carry on rereading, but I want to wait until the next volume is out so I can actually remember what the heck happens by reading it as a volume.

I also ended up having to stay up really late to bake bread because I forgot to start it during the day, and Goodreads recommended Punderworld to me when I was logging my review of Lore Olympus, so I just read through that real quick while I was waiting for my dough to rise.

I started The Road Through the Wall by Shirley Jackson over the weekend, and while I did plan on also starting Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson, that didn’t actually happen. Hopefully first thing Monday morning! I’m also still trucking along with Return of the King, and I’d like to get another five chapters listened to this week, at the very least, but hopefully more since I’ll be doing a lot of building desks & chairs at work, and that’s usually a good opportunity to stick my headphones in and listen to a couple chapters.

I’m definitely starting Vespertine on Monday, and I’m hopeful to get to at least one more book this week rather than just stretch Rogerson out for the whole week like I did last week. I have no idea what that other book might be, but I do keep picked up Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco. Also love how I said I wanted to start Chain of Gold over the weekend, and it’s still sitting on my bookshelf. SIGH.

Okay, let’s make a plan. (Yes, you can laugh.) Vespertine is 400 pages, and I have 130 left of The Road Through the Wall.

  1. Monday: 100 pages of Vespertine & 30 pages of Road
  2. Tuesday: 100 pages of Vespertine & finish the last 100 pages of Road
  3. Wednesday: 200 pages of Vespertine to finish it
  4. Thursday: 150 pages of Much Ado About Baseball
  5. Friday: 180 pages of Much Ado About Baseball to finish it

I realize Much Ado About Baseball is completely out of left field, but my mom is reading the first one, Midsummer’s Mayhem, to her fifth grade class right now, and I’d like to read the second one before I hand it off to her. If all goes well, my plan for the weekend is Kingdom of the Cursed and Chain of Gold. Maybe. It might be Little Thieves. It might be something totally different, the way I’ve been going.

4 responses to “WWW: All the Graphic Novels!”

  1. ladymxdnight Avatar

    This sounds like a solid reading plan!

    I never heard about the Locke & Key graphic novels. I had no idea that was what inspired the show. Those look super interesting. Can’t wait to check them out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mary Drover Avatar

      They’re really good, and the show has followed them pretty closely so far! Joe Hill has been writing the scripts, too, so double bonus.


      1. ladymxdnight Avatar

        Whoa, that’s so cool!


  2. evelynreads1 Avatar

    Good luck with your reading plan! I really want to pick up Vespertine as well!
    I´m currently reading Once Upon a Broken Heart, and really loving it!


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