Weekend Readathon

Wow, I truly cannot remember the last time that I did one of these posts. Like, at minimum, 2019. I used to do weekend readathons all the damn time. They were a lot of fun, and while last year should have been a good time for it, I worked from home a lot, so I ended up reading just whenever the hell I wanted to and didn’t really need or want readathons. Now, however, I’m back at work, and while I do have my hour lunch break to read, as the weather is starting to get nicer, I’ve been hanging out with the boys on the dock more, so I’m only squirreling away a little time to read at night. This week has been particularly nice, and we’re back to climbing, so those two things mean that it’s taking me a bit longer to get through my current reads right now, so I thought a weekend readathon would be nice! I’m going to do this in the old 2019 style–pick a couple books, talk about why I want to read them, and then write a post while I read throughout the weekend that I’ll post Sunday night maybe? Yes, this is a written version of those Booktuber videos we all know and love, let’s go!

Okay, my weekend, sadly, no longer starts on a Friday like it used to, but at 5PM after work. I also won’t be able to read during my break tomorrow because we get lunch out, and all twenty of us usually sit on the dock and eat together. It’s also going to be 82° and sunny, so I wouldn’t want to sit in my car anyway. That said, I have two full days of potential reading, plus a few hours on Friday night, but minus a few hours on Saturday night because that’s when Erin & I do our weekly movie night. All of this means that I should be chill about my TBR, and yet, here we are with six books for two damn days. (I also recognize that I’ve been doing one book at a time recently, and this may just ruin literally everything for me, but oh well! Time for some poly reading!)

First and foremost, I have to read Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo. My Nikolai duology review was supposed to go up yesterday, and it didn’t. (My Pride TBR did, though, and following the insanity of this TBR, it’s twenty books long!) After I finished Crooked Kingdom, I wanted a little Grishaverse break, so I thought it’d be fun to pick up a 750 page book. I’m staring into the corner like I’m on The Office because WHY MARY. It took me forever, which meant I didn’t finish King of Scars until freaking Monday, and I don’t want to read ROW in one sitting, so here we are, with me close to being behind again. Thus, ROW will be my main book, and though I’m not aiming to finish it this weekend, but by Tuesday (so I can write my review and have it ready for Wednesday), I do want to make some serious headway on this.

I’ll pause at some point on Saturday to read the entirety of volume four of Heartstopper by Alice Oseman, which will probably take about two to three hours. I’d say only one, but my reread of volume three took just under two hours, so I’m anticipating around the same amount of time. I’m so excited to read this, and finishing it will mean I’ve checked off another post for June once I write my review, so that’s exciting, too.

And because I’m apparently all about new releases, I really, really want to read Yolk by Mary HK Choi. I keep picking this up and putting it down for other books because I am The Worst, even more so because I love Choi’s writing, and I know this is going to be phenomenal. I’ve read Emergency Contact three times now, and I’m about to make it a fourth because it’s been whispering to me late at night recently, so there’s little to no chance that I’m not going to love Yolk, particularly given the reviews of it I’ve seen. I’m calling it quits on me continuing to not read this, though, so I’m hoping to make this my other main read to switch to when I want a break from ROW.

Two of these books are a little more chill, and I do want to try to finish them both this weekend. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han is dependent, however, on if I watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix first, which is not something I thought about too hard before putting this book on here, whoops. I wanted to read these & watch the series as I went since I’ve only seen the first one, so apparently I’m also adding a movie to this TBR (why am I like this). Honestly, though, I’m probably going to take breaks to finish up my second Shadow & Bone watch, so I’ll just stick that in here somewhere. These books are super fast, though, and I don’t anticipate this taking longer than a few hours in total.

I’d also like to read A Sprinkle of Spirits by Anna Meriano in its entirety. It’s a middle grade with fairly simple writing–and big font–so I think I’ll breeze through this no problem. I’ll probably split it between the two days, like I’ll do with Jenny Han’s middle book. I want to wrap this series up because it’s one of the many outstanding series I’ve got going, and I’m trying not to finish out the year with all of the same series just slowly fading from my memory so that when I do eventually pick up the next book, I can’t remember anything. So this’ll be one step closer to that goal!

Not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ll even take These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong off of my shelf. It’s a total pipe dream that I’ll get to read this, particularly because it’s often hard for me to read two books in the same genre at the same time, but I’m wrapping up A Phở Love Story by Loan Le tonight, and it’s got such incredible Romeo & Juliet vibes that Gong’s book has just been eyeballing me big time this week, so I’d really like to read this soon. Maybe, if I can–good grief, this is going to be a big if–finish Meriano & Han and get most of the way through Bardugo, I’ll start this when I finish Choi. LOL, alright, feel free to @ me for pretending I can read three and a half books in two days just so I can start another fantasy.

This is so overambitious, my goodness. I think I can actually finish three of these, maybe four, make serious headway on a fifth, and maybe just sigh wistfully at the sixth. I’m finishing up my current read tonight, but that’ll be after getting home from climbing after 9PM, so I’m unlikely to start anything else, so there won’t even be any cheating going on and cracking one of these open a day early. Thus, this readathon starts at noon tomorrow and ends at some point on Sunday, whenever I’ve decided to call it a night and post the wrap-up of this. This is all very indulgent, so feel free to ignore me, or stay tuned!

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    At the moment, I am in the middle of The Movie Musical. A long book, but in a period of three days- close to 200 pages

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    […] blast from the past and had a desire to do a weekend readathon. I talked about what books and why here, and it’s been a really long time since I last did one of these! It would probably have made […]


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