TTT: Favorite Movies

I thought that maybe doing favorite albums and movies in the same month was just asking to prove myself wrong and realize I’d made a grave mistake, but I was able to think of my top ten favorite movies in about four seconds, so I feel like I might be on the money with these. And did I also put them in favorite order? HECK YEAH I DID.

Whenever someone asks that age-old question, “If you were stranded on a desert island, and you could only bring three books, what would you bring?” I’m usually that asshole that says, “Well, I’ll just bring the omnibus of LOTR, so then I have two other books to choose.” And that’s kind of how I feel about choosing my favorite movies, but if I had to choose one LOTR, we all know it’d be The Two Towers. There’s a lot of reasons: Helm’s Deep, Rohan, Sam’s speech, Legolas & Gimli’s friendship, Aragorn becoming even more kingly, I could go on forever. But this one is definitely my favorite of the movies, and possibly my favorite of the books. Stay tuned.

What is it about? At the brink of the last great war of Middle-earth, everything is finally coming to a head–elves and men fight alongside one another, Ents turn their focus to Isengard, and Frodo & Sam finally set their sights on the last leg of their journey. (That was the worst summary ever, wow.)

Does The Martian still stress me out even though I’ve watched it half a dozen times? Of course it does! Have you seen that ending! I always think Mark’s going to end up dead! My mom: “You know how it’s going to end! Why are you crying?!” I have a long-standing crush on Matt Damon, and I’m stupidly obsessed with space, so to put those two things together and put it on Mars, well. That’s pretty much it for me. I love this movie so much, I really don’t know how to put it into words, and the best part is honestly that it’s just as good as the book.

What is it about? After a freak dust storm on Mars, botanist Mark Watney is stranded on the planet and must find a way to survive long enough for Earth to rescue him.

If you’re surprised The Old Guard made it onto this list after only releasing a few months ago, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the fact that I watched three times in three weeks. Honestly, at the time of drafting this, I’ve been craving it so bad that I might have watched it one or two more times by the time this posts. I knew, right from the beginning, that this was going to be one of my favorite movies, and that fact was just solidified with the second and third watch. This is truly a masterpiece, and if you don’t believe this small review, here’s the longer review I wrote for it because I love it that much.

What is it about? Five immortals must take on their most dangerous battle yet–the inability to remain anonymous in modern times.

I told myself that I was allowed to pick one Marvel movie, and even though I desperately wanted to include a Captain America & Amazing Spiderman movie on here, it had to be The Avengers. When I say that I had been waiting my entire life for this movie, I’m not exaggerating even a little. My dad raised me on superheroes, and being able to see these legends from my childhood on the big screen and adapted so well was honestly a dream come true. And while I have a lot of issues with the sequels to the first Avengers, there’s not a single thing that I don’t wholeheartedly love about the first one.

What is it about? Six superheroes form an unlikely team to defeat an alien threat to Earth.

I am never going to forget the first time I saw Wonder Woman. Being able to witness a women-led film, both on and off screen, is one of the highlights of my life. Being able to witness Diana running into battle in practical clothes with thighs that shake and not always pretty facial expressions just makes me feel so seen. If for nothing else than the moment that she tosses aside her coat and steps out onto no-man’s-land to help turn the tide of the war, this movie is going to stand amongst my favorites for a long damn time. The music, the film itself, and Diana Prince are so powerful, and I’m going to feel their collective impact for the rest of my life.

What is it about? An Amazonian woman with superpowers leaves the safety of her sheltered island in order to protect the Earth from the threat of an angry and power-hungry god.

P.S. I Love You is entirely to blame for my absurd love of all things Irish. It existed prior to this movie, but it was made even worse by it. And don’t even get me started on Hillary Swank–she was not on my radar before this, and now she’s one of my favorite actresses. And, somehow, though the movie will absolutely shred your heart to pieces, the book is even sadder! This is truly one of the most magical, romantic stories I’ve ever seen, and I love it so, so much. Gerard Butler in suspenders and high socks singing about love is going to kill me forever.

What is it about? After the death of her husband, Holly thinks she’ll never be able to move on–until a letter arrives in the mail promising life after death.

When I was in high school, all I wanted for prom was to wear Keira Knightley’s dress in Atonement. Given that we have VERY different bodies, it was an unlikely dream, but I found something that was similar enough (not really, it was just the same shade of forest green) to make me happy. Gods, this movie. THIS BOOK. This hurts my soul in so many different ways, and I want to personally thank it for doing so. James McAvoy is a gift, and to pair him with Keira Knightley in a period drama is just SO GOOD, thank you eternally. The cinematography is perhaps my favorite piece about this movie because the whole thing is just endlessly gorgeous.

What is it about? When a jealous younger sister tells a terrible lie and wrongfully imprisons her sister’s lover, war breaks out and separates them forever.

Chris Evans is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite actor of all time. I’ve watched literally everything he’s ever been in, and I will continue to love him long into my next life. He’s a superb human being, an incredibly talented actor, and, somehow, I managed to choose my favorite of his movies. It was a hard decision between Gifted and Snowpiercer, but the fact that he gets to do his stupid laugh, weep a little, and be a dad in Gifted was a clear winner for me. I need him to be in more films like this forever, please and thank you. Oh, and Mckenna Grace? We’re going to see this child winning hella crazy awards someday.

What is it about? When his sister dies, Frank decides to raise her daughter away from the insane life of a math prodigy that killed his sister.

Bright Star is one of those movies that punches me in the gut every damn time. We’ve all had a good cry every once in a while, but I think the cry that Fanny has in this movie is one that only comes around few and far between. The kind of cry where you can’t breathe, where everything feels like it’s ending, where your whole body has just been torn apart. And not only is that a rare kind of cry, but it sounds so incredibly difficult to act on command, and yet, Abbie Cornish managed to do exactly that. And though I love this movie both because it’s about Keats and because I adore Ben Whishaw, Abbie is what sells it for me. She delivers such a marvelous performance, and she makes my whole being yearn for love.

What is it about? A young poet falls in love with a young seamstress, and though their love is doomed by the trappings of their time, they fight desperately for one another.

Look, I KNOW The Social Network is a weird movie to list in my top favorites, but given the amount of times I’ve seen it and how much it riles me up, it makes sense for me. And in picking my favorite Andrew Garfield movie, if I couldn’t have Amazing Spiderman, it has to be this. I haven’t seen a lot of his later films, so this may change eventually, and it was so hard for me not to choose Never Let Me Go, but there’s just something about The Social Network that gets to me. And Andrew doesn’t even play the MC, but I love his role so much, and, beyond that, I love Jesse’s role, I love getting to see the creation of that hell site, and I love how chaotic and weird this movie is at times.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

8 responses to “TTT: Favorite Movies”

  1. Kim @ Traveling in Books Avatar

    I just count The Lord of the Rings films as one unit…. Otherwise, I love The Princess Bride, Clue, Pride and Prejudice (2005), How to Train Your Dragon, Elizabeth, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Martian, and Hero. Among others…

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    1. marydrover Avatar

      I mean, FAIR. I thought about doing it, but I also definitely have a favorite LOTR movie. Ugh, Princess Bride is SO GOOD, I’ve literally been quoting it all weekend while hiking, haha. I saw HTTYD five times over its release weekend, and it was honestly the best time ever.

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  2. waytoofantasy Avatar

    The Martian is SO GOOD. Also, I have a really soft spot for P.S. I Love You even though I generally don’t like sad things, but it’s also hopeful? 😀

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    1. marydrover Avatar

      The Martian is THE BEST, and I haven’t watched it in so long, it’s very sad. And yes, I totally feel that about PS I Love You! It’s definitely hella sad, but has a very hopeful note to it at the end.

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  3. Nefeli Avatar

    So many good movies on this list!! I absolutely adore the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I mostly consider it as one movie. But, if I had to pick just one out of the three, it would be The Fellowship of The Ring, when the fellowship is all together. From Marvel, my personal favourite is Iron Man 3, but I did watch The Avengers five times in two days when it came out.

    Other movies I love are the work of art that is the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, Dead Poets Society (who doesn’t love crying?) and 1968, a Greek film that combines my favourite sports club, the first European Cup won by a Greek team and stories of refugees from Constantinople.

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    1. marydrover Avatar

      Oh, Fellowship is SO GOOD, too, it was so hard not to pick it, honestly. Iron Man 3 is so seriously underrated, I see so many people trashing it, but it’s just honestly such a gem.

      Dead Poet’s Society is truly one of the best! If I had to go with another Matt Damon movie, that’d be right up there in the top.

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  4. Margaret @ Weird Zeal Avatar

    Dang, that’s a smart answer to the stranded on a desert island with three books question. I might have to steal that 😉 It’s SO hard for me to choose a favorite in the LOTR movies, but I think I might be there with you on Two Towers?? That might also be because it’s the most recent one I watched, and whichever I watched most recently is usually my favorite. They’re all so good!!

    I just rewatched The Martian the other day! I’d forgotten how good it is. Space! Matt Damon! Science! Survival against all odds! I love it.

    The Old Guard and Wonder Woman are both amazing and kind of reset my standards for action movies. Can we just have female directors for all action movies (or just all movies tbh) from now on, please??

    My favorite subgenre of period films is “Keira Knightley in beautiful costumes” (my best friend and I once ranked all of them), so Atonement is right up there for me too. And it never fails to break my heart.

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    1. marydrover Avatar

      Right! Then you get five books in total, and it just works out perfectly. There’s honestly so much that I love about FOTR and ROTK, but there’s just something special (it’s Rohan, let’s be real here) about TT that makes it that tiny bit better.

      LIKE SERIOUSLY THOUGH. It’s so obvious now when something is male-directed. I watched Atomic Blonde shortly after my rapid three watches of Old Guard, and I was just so disgusted by how many times Charlize Theron is unnecessarily naked or ends up in heels while fighting. It was so sad to switch from the badass, female-led wonder that was Old Guard and then go to that. Bleh.

      Truly, though. Keira Knightley should be in every period drama ever.


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