My Dream Home

When we were first approaching 2020, my mom kept saying, “This is your year. This is when everything happens for you.” Obviously, 2020 has been a bit of a dumpster fire, so she’s tried to take back that statement, but I won’t let her. Because even though 2020 is awful, it is also my year. A lot of things are happening for me, and a lot of plans are being laid for the future. One of those plans is owning my own home. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because I’m keeping it pretty close to the heart right now, but it’s coming. A space all of my own is being born, and I wanted to talk about what that’s going to look like. And, really, what better way to dream about the future than to tell the universe exactly what you want.

Currently, I live in a very small room. It’s got space for my four bookcases, a full bed, a dresser, and literally nothing else. I can’t reach the bottom shelves on my bookcases, if I want to get to the cases on the opposite side of the room, I have to roll across the bed, and I’ve got about two feet of wiggle room between my bed and the closet. It’s tiny. The most that I do there is sleep or read in bed. Anything else has to be done out in the living room or at the dining room table. But I have managed to fit every single plant imaginable in there, and, sometimes, I just dream about how green my future home is going to be.

Like, guys. Holy moly. First of all, there are going to be pothos (pictured above) EVERYWHERE. They’re my favorite plant, in part because I’m so good at keeping them alive, but also just because they’re so cool. Two of my pothos are currently vining down into my bookcases and just taking over. I have four in total, and after years with one of them looking healthy, but not growing, a third is also starting to vine down. They’re just so damn cool, and I want to sprawl them all across my home, but especially put one of them in the kitchen above the sink.

There are others that I want, too. I love snake plants. I’ve got two currently, but I want even more. I want huge pots of them in every corner, just stretching as high to the ceiling as they want. I want elephant ears and rows upon rows of cacti. I want to try others that I’ve failed at before because I’ll have more space, more sunlight, more wiggle room to move them around and see what feels good. I’m still terrified of ferns because I’ve literally never managed to keep one alive, but heck, maybe I’ll try again. Why not!

The Shire - my new favourite altar wall accessory! (Thank you Alex ily ) #theshire #lordoftherings #lotr #altar #crystals #witch

The aesthetic, though. All of my crystals, candles, and tarot decks are crammed onto my bookshelves. Honestly, I hate it. I wish my shelves had nothing but books on them. And oh, don’t even get me started on the fact that I would finally be able to put my bookcases somewhere that wasn’t my room. I’m a single person with two cats, no plans for children ever, and not really concerned with a significant other, so I don’t actually need a lot of room. 1000 square feet sounds pretty generous to me, so all I’m really looking for is four total rooms. And that second room? Sure, maybe I’ll put a daybed in there for visitors, but it’s going to be my library, first and foremost. GOSH, I just can’t wait. I can’t wait for my bedroom to be a haven at night and not a place where every single thing I own is crammed in.

But the aesthetic. I’ll finally be able to drape my dozens of crystals all across every surface. I’ll be able to light every single candle, not just a couple at a time, so that it looks like I’m in a damn cathedral. Two incenses burning at opposite ends of the house at the same time? SURE! There will be artwork everywhere on the walls, so much LOTR paraphernalia, and I’ll finally be able to say yes to things like palmistry hands and random pine cones and just flowers everywhere. I won’t have to think about what little space I have because all of the space will be mine.

And, really, the bookcases. Give me shelves that are finally just for books, that I only put little trinkets on if I absolutely want to.

Despite the fact that I live in a cluttered mess right now, that’s not the way I actually enjoy living. When I lived in an apartment, I didn’t have that much more room to sprawl out, but I did have enough that it felt more purposeful. Because while I love big, loud things, and I’ll definitely have a lot of brightly patterned, mismatched furniture, I’m also here for the warm tones and lots of linen. Is my ottoman going to be wild looking? Probably. Am I going to hunt down a Victorian sofa? Duh. Will most of my money go to throw pillows? I mean, seriously, they’re so expensive, and it’s so absurd.

But I also want things like this picture. Dark salmon blankets tossed haphazardly across a tasseled linen throw with green plants draping down and one show-stopping pillow in the back corner. I want a lot of pastel pinks and pale blues, different shades of tan and brown everywhere, and handmade ceramic plates that have gentle patterns on it.

I also want rose gold cutlery, so, like, don’t hold your breath here, but most of it falls into the same scheme. But I just want the space to be able to make those decisions, to say this home is designed by ME. I think that’s something a lot of people dream about, to have their own space, to not have to compromise on what it looks like, to just say this is mine.

It’ll be witchy af and a soft summer beach house all at the same time, and I can’t wait. So, keep your eyes peeled. 2020 was my year, but 2021 has got a lot to offer me, too.

What does your dream home look like?

12 responses to “My Dream Home”

  1. Chelsea D.G. Bartlett Avatar

    I totally feel you on this! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t daydream about having my own house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marydrover Avatar

      Literally all the time, just constantly wishing for it. We’ll get there! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jade @ The Elder Books Avatar

    I hope you’ll manage to do everything you want in your future home 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marydrover Avatar

      Aw, thank you, me too!


  3. Jai Lynn Avatar

    I ‘m loving all the vibes here ❤ Plants just make everything better honestly. I actually do have a fern, that I'm surprised I've kept alive for a year now! I'm legit so proud, haha! Pothos are so pretty and the vine effect is giving me a comfy vibe the more I look at it. Your dream house sounds amazing Mary and I know you'll get it one day!! Keep sending out those vibes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marydrover Avatar

      I’m so jealous of your skill with ferns! I literally kill them every time. 😂 Thank you, I really hope so!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. waytoofantasy Avatar

    I am a thousand percent behind this design even though it’s a little different from mine (with the exception of ‘a wild altar appears’ lol. I think every room in my house has a different vibe to it LOL.
    So excited for you and this new chapter in your life–I hope you get everything that you want. 🙂


    1. marydrover Avatar

      Wild altars EVERYWHERE! I can’t wait to just do whatever I want to all the space that I want. It’s going to be so amazing. Thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Zezee Avatar

    I really like this post and I’m hoping the best for you in acquiring your goals.
    I’m working on something similar as well in terms of getting my own space but am also keeping it close. At the same time, I think it’s a good idea too to tell the universe what you want, so I might do a little private vision board.
    I like your aesthetic here. For me, I lean more toward the third photo and your ideas of salmon blankets and tassled linen throws. I love a lot of natural light and for the space to feel airy and free. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marydrover Avatar

      Aw, thank you!

      I think it’s powerful to speak exactly what you want aloud. That way, even if the only person who knows is still just you, it’s been put out there in a way that almost makes it feel more real? There’s something about saying “this is what I want” that makes things actually start happening.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zezee Avatar

        You’re so right about that 🙂


  6. tiaonthetrail Avatar

    I love this aesthetic! Inspo for home decorating for me

    Liked by 1 person

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