Welcome to the third week of the bookshelf tour! Previously: Nonfiction | Buddhism & Yoga. ICYMI, since I’m not on Booktube, and never will be, I wanted to travel through my shelves on a biweekly adventure on the blog. Since these are going to be pretty long, I won’t ramble on, so let’s get to it! About half of these are read, though probably only a handful are reviewed, so I’ll link to Goodreads if it’s available.

This shelf is less of a mess than last week, but it’s still divided into two categories, so I did my best. We’ve got a stack of poetry, and then the rest is adult fiction with another stack at the end of all my David Mitchell and Jon Steele because they belong together. I’ll link each title to Goodreads, as well as drop star ratings if I’ve read them.

This shelf is going to be pretty easy remembering what the crystals are because this is a chakra shelf! Starting with a beautiful stone yoga figurine in lotus pose that an old friend got me and a hand-painted om rock from Erin, we’ve got a citrine point on top of my favorite lemon verbena candle, a quartz point before the chakra crystals (black tourmaline, raw carnelian, yellow calcite on top of a wild honey nectar candle with a jade elephant, green calcite, sodalite, amethyst, quartz), and a wooden yoga figurine in scorpion pincha.

And without the stuff so you can actually see the books.


Fun fact: when I was studying for my undergrad in Creative Writing, I had to do an internship that related to creative writing in some way, and I managed to score an internship with the poetry publishing house that was on campus, Alice James Books. They are amazing, and they encouraged us to read any of the books that were currently in print on their shelves, so I read at least a book every two shifts.

My top three in this section is:

Hagar Before the Occupation | Hagar After the Occupation by Amal Al-Jubouri | ★★★

Chord by Rick Barot | ★★★★★

We Come Elemental by Tamiko Beyer | ★★★★

The Tradition by Jericho Brown | ★★★★ | Review

Sailing Alone Around the Room by Billy Collins | ★★★★★

The Lioness Awakens: Poems by Lauren Eden | ★★★★ | Review

Howl, and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg | ★★★★

Eros is More by Juan Antonio González Iglesias, translated by Curtis Bauer | ★★★★

Reverie by Erin Hanson | ★★★

How to Catch a Falling Knife by Daniel Johnson | ★★★★★

The Love Poems of John Keats: In Praise of Beauty by John Keats | UNREAD

Selected Poems by John Keats | ★★★★

The Big Book of Exit Strategies by Jamaal May | ★★★★★

Hum by Jamaal May | ★★★★★

Devil, Dear by Mary Ann McFadden | ★★★★★

Yearling by Lo Kwa Mei-En | ★★★★★

Sand Opera by Philip Metres | ★★★★★

Viral by Susan Parker | ★★★★★

O’Nights by Cecily Parks | ★★★★★

The Case Against Happiness by Jean-paul Pacqueur | UNREAD

Dolls by John Poch | ★★★★★

Poems by John Poch | ★★★

Two Men Fighting with a Knife by John Poch | ★★★

Edgar Allen Poe| UNREAD

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke, translated by Charlie Louth | ★★★★★ | Review

The Poetry of Rilke by Rainer Marie Rilke, translated by Edward Snow | ★★★★★

Shelter by Carey Salerno | ★★★★

Life on Mars by Tracy Smith | ★★★

Parable of Hide and Seek by Chad Sweeney | ★★★★

Here, Bullet by Brian Turner | ★★★★

Adult Fiction

My top three of this shelf is:

The Slippage by Ben Greenman | UNREAD

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen | UNREAD

Tinkers by Paul Harding | UNREAD

Maya by C. W. Huntington, Jr. | UNREAD

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro | ★★★

Fire in the Hole by Elmore Leonard | UNREAD

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux | ★★★★

The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey | UNREAD

The House on Fortune Street by Margot Livesey | UNREAD

The Soloist by Steve Lopez | UNREAD

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer | UNREAD

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt | UNREAD

Atonement by Ian McEwan | ★★★★★

On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan | UNREAD

We Bought a Zoo by Benjamin Mee | ★★★

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell | ★★★★★

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell | ★★★★★ | Review

Black Swan Green by David Mitchell | ★★★★★ | Review

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell | ★★★★★

Slade House by David Mitchell | ★★★★

Ghostwritten by David Mitchell | ★★★★

number9dream by David Mitchell | ★★★

The Watchers by Jon Steele | ★★★★★ | Review

Angel City by Jon Steele | ★★★★★ | Review

The Way of Sorrows by Jon Steele | ★★★★★ | Review

What is your favorite poetry book?

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