I’ve been completely absent recently, and that’s because one of my best friends came down to visit this weekend. She was here Friday-Monday, so I’m waaaaaay behind on both reading posts since about Thursday afternoon, on reading in general, and on blogging myself! However, I couldn’t miss a Top Ten Tuesday topic that I’m here to turn into a controversial post. This week’s TTT topic comes from That Artsy Reader Girl, and this is going to be a list of both TBR books and not. Prepare yourself for some light roasting.


When I first finished all of David Mitchell’s novels, I was in a state of despair. How would I ever find anything as amazing? I quickly went to Google, typed in books like David Mitchell, and after some thorough searching, I accidentally bought a book in second person and promptly got rid of it and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and honestly? This books looks insane, like the actual formatting of it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever read it, but I also own it, so kind of feel obligated, but like. Ughhhhh.

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I’m usually the one rec’ing books, but one of my yoga friends rec’d this to me, summarizing it as a smutty love affair between a witch and an ancient vampire, and um yeah, excellent job on selling me on never picking this up. Sorry Deborah Harkness, but A Discovery of Witches is a definite book I’m avoiding.

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Oh my god, I know, everyone and their mother loves this book, and this list is only going to make you angrier as we go, but I’ve heard this has a confusing format, and I’m just kind of over formats that aren’t straightforward. Especially when the formats are not only odd, but confusing, and I’ve seen a lot of “how the hell do I even read this” when it comes to Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, so um. Yeah. Not really on the top of my list.


Really, I should just list all Stephen King ever because I’m avoiding every book written by him because he scares me, but also because one of my best friends hates literally 95% of his endings, and I’m just, whyyyyyy. However, I’m only listing Carrie because it’s the only one I own, and I totally intended to read it before Halloween, but I’ve been avoiding it like the plague, so here we are.


It’s like I saw this topic and went “how can I most piss off everyone” because if I’m really being honest right now, I have no interest in this series purely because of the hype. Like wowwwww, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff is technically on my TBR, but it’s also probably never going to be something I actively pick up in a bookstore. The more reviews I see touting its violence and how fantastic that is, the less I want to even think about it.

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I can’t even truly say how many times I’ve picked up A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas in a bookstore and put it back after only a few seconds. First, it doesn’t sound interesting to me. The summary is awful, and the names make my head hurt. Second, the reviews. Oh, the reviews. I’ve heard all the good and the bad about this series, and at this point, it’s just not worth my time.


I don’t normally let reviews sway me, unless they’re like “wow this has blatant sexism & homophobia ^^^^^^,” so I’m kind of mad at myself for avoiding Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan just because some people have been meh on the sequel. I am going to read this eventually, and because I’m me, I’ll probably like the sequel, but still, it’s making me avoid it a little right now.


Am I ever going to read the Percy Jackson series? Who knows? There is truly nothing stopping me from reading Rick Riordan’s beloved middle grade series. Even though I don’t own them, my best friend does, and I could easily borrow them. And yet? I don’t know what it is, whether I don’t actually want to or it’s been too hyped or I’m just like “wow another endless series no thanks,” but this is on a kind of maybe eventually someday TBR.


Look, I’m sorry, but if you get all this is the next Raven Boys, I’m gonna be pretty damn skeptical right away. Especially when that’s in reference to a story about sports that’s notorious for being a literal “chore” to get through, but the rest of the series is worth it? #sorrynotsorry, I’m way past reading books that aren’t good just so I can get to a book that is good.


Sure, I own this book, but I wouldn’t necessarily count it on my TBR, and honestly? Am I ever going to read this? Probably not? I’ve got some kind of death wish, so I’m attempting Anna Karenina this winter, so who knows, maybe that’ll convince me to read War & Peace, too, but Tolstoy got paid by the word, and y’all. I’m not that into this.

Wow, 7 out of 10 of these are adult novels, and I think that may explain part of why I’m avoiding them. Whoops!

Are you also avoiding any of these novels? If not, which ones are you avoiding?

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16 replies on “TTT: Books I’m Avoiding

  1. I think your choice to avoid A Discovery of Witches is a good one. It has elements that should make it compelling and yet, to me at least, it was not. It was kind of boring honestly 🤷‍♀️ and I feel ya with Steven King, straight up horror is not for me and I would not want to ever see inside his mind haha

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  2. Hahaha, I’ve definitely been avoiding a ton of adult books as well. I was also hesitant to read Illuminae because of its format (I’m not a big fan of novels of different formats either), but I found that it was straightforward and added drama to the text. Also, I’ve completely given up on Percy Jackson. I always wished that I could be like those kids who knew Greek mythology because of the series, but Wikipedia is much more succinct 😅.

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  3. Lol King scares me too, but I decided to read his books in publication order anyway. So far, the ones I’ve read aren’t as scary as I thought they’d be, but I seem to like every other book though. Carrie was one of the two I didn’t like. I prefer the movie adaptations.

    Those Percy Jackson books are such fun reads and quick ones too. I recently completed rereading them.

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  4. I feel the exact same way about Stephen King’s books and A Court of Thrones and Roses 😂 I can’t do horror, and I’ve heard WAY too much about SJM’s books to ever want to pick them up lol. Also, the fact that people call The Foxhole Court the next Raven Cycle makes my blood boil a TINY bit (okay, maybe a lot) bc I LOVE TRC and I HATED The Foxhole Court. But that’s just my opinion *sips tea*

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    1. Yeahhhhhh, I’ve heard too much bad about SJM’s books that the good is kind of just blotted out, so it’s doubtful it’ll ever happen.

      I KNOW! I never read The Foxhole Court, and don’t really plan on it, but seriously, not beats out TRC.


  5. I hear you about house of leaves- I’m really curious about it, but a little scared about the format. I’m really not a fan of discovery of witches as a book- so I don’t blame you (someone described it to me as twilight for adults- which should’ve warned me off, but didn’t, cos they were saying that like it’s a good thing). I hear you about illuminae too, but I ended up loving it, even though it took me a while to get into each time! I can’t say I blame you for ACOTAR either- I really didn’t like the first one, although I enjoyed the second one, so I kinda see both sides on that series. When it comes to foxhole court… I have so many problems with that book. I don’t think you need to suffer through it 😉 Brilliant post! Really enjoyed reading it!

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    1. Yeah, for real! It’s a weird looking book, but I own it, so kind of feel obligated. Oh man, Twilight for adults, that definitely warns me off now.

      Oh, I’m for sure not going to suffer through Foxhole Court, haha. ACOTAR will probably also never happen, but I’m not quite counting Illuminae out yet. It’s got space elements, which will always suck me right in.

      Thank you!


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