Monsters Included


This was drawn by Jen Bartel. You can find a lot of her art on twitter @heyjenbartel
Art by Jen Bartel

Oh god, can I be her?

Remember that time I was going to write sister witches for the month of October, and then I totally flaked on that idea?  WE’RE BAAAAACK

I wrote 21k in two days for sister witches last week.  Yeah, you read that right.  10k on Wednesday and 11k on Thursday.  Why?  Who knows, it just happened.  Remember that time that I was like, oh this’ll be fun, actually planning to write a novel instead of just letting it smack me over the head?  LOL.  I work much better than my novels are just like, shouting through a bullhorn, HELLO YES IT’S TIME TO WRITE.

21k in two days.  It was nuts.  I’m exhausted.  I got so much done.  I’m officially done with act one of the story, which means I got to write a pretty epic scene.  Since the very birth of this novel, I knew about one scene that I was going to write.  Every shape this novel has taken since the very beginning, that scene has been there, and it hasn’t changed.  It’s the first time the boys find out that Theodore exists and that, surprise, he’s a demon.  It’s a hilarious scene that kind of culminates all of the campiness and magicalness in one moment: Theodore bursts into the apartment having been recently attacked by a lower demon, but whoops, the boyfriends are over, and the cat is (literally, get it, because Theo’s a cat I’M SORRY) out of the bag.  I laugh about this scene when I think about it.  Like, out loud laughing.  I had such high expectations of it, and let me tell you, I did not disappoint myself.  It was awesome.

It’s now Monday, and over the weekend, I wrote another 2400 words.  It was so fantastic.  Friday night, after the Barefoot holiday party, I went home, took off my cute red dress, and basically became a Pinterest aesthetic.  Ripped skinny jeans, black crop-top, black and white plaid tied around my waist, red lips, maroon high top Vans, holy shit I looked good.  I also had my Wild Unknown tarot deck and a massive smoky quartz with me because I was feeling some serious Theodore vibes.

I am so close to hitting a milestone with sister witches, so I decided to snuggle up at one of my favorite spots and do a reading for the first time ever for these characters. . Theodore. Father of pentacles. Ambition. Henley. Ace of swords. The...

Seriously, it was a good night.  I put my headphones in, listened to the new Aurora album, and just wrote uninterrupted.  I got pretty damn close to a milestone, too, and though I definitely had time to work on this throughout the weekend, I decided to not do anything productive, apparently, BUT.




This little novel began as literally nothing more than me wanting to write about three witch sisters, and it’s turned into a full-fledged story with so much more than that, and I love it so much.  It’s so stupid sometimes, and it’s got the most hipster demons ever, but ugh I love it.  And it’s a real thing!  50k words is a lot of words!  I mean, that’s about half the novel.  I can actually see the end right now.  I know what it is, and I know how to get there, and it feels like a real book.

I’m really excited.  I don’t think I’ll finish this before the end of the year, but one of my 2019 goals was to finish this novel, and it’s actually looking like not only will that happen, it may be the first one I finish in 2019.

So, here’s to you, my weird little misfits.  Thanks for letting me play so far.

This is 10000000% a Theodore song, and I can’t get it out of my head.

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