current projects: second edition

When I first made this blog public, I posted something titled boys, boys, boys.  It was a list of all the projects that I was currently working on in my head, and I posted it in July of 2017.  Suffice to say, a lot has happened since then, and that list has changed quite a bit.  That being said, I thought it might be nice to redo that post, and look at what’s going on now, almost a year later.

These are still primarily filled with boys, some of them have disappeared as their novels have been completed or they’re just so far from the realm of possibly being written that they can’t realistically be considered current projects, and some of them are brand new.

As before, I’ve also linked their Pinterest boards because I think it’s a great way to really see what the story is about, and they’re all in chronological order of when they came to me.


Mason & Co: Mason will always be a current project.  Like Alex the Destroyer, whose story is finally finished, he’s always on my mind.  After 11 years of working on nothing but Ronan (notice he’s no longer on the list), Mason was the first story that I tried to write that was brand new.  I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing from him this year, and that’s not only because I’ve plotted out his first novel.  It’s mostly because I keep almost straying that way.

About: YA urban fantasy.  Twenty-year-old Mason has recently moved to a small city outside of Bangor, ME where he’s purchased an old, abandoned building, and has his sights set on a tea cafe.  Immortal Dhaval is prepared to watch yet another fire elemental die, and is completely unprepared for how fierce Mason has the potential to be.  Characters include: best friend/water elemental Miriam, and Hyacinth shop owners/faeries Poppy and Aster.  There are a few other undecided characters that I still have to work out, but this takes place way before his original novel.  This is the beginning of Mason’s story, uncovering what it means to be a fire elemental while surviving in a world where just being a faery means execution.

planets novel: So, this was a thing a while ago, and I even posted about it on my social media, but it was never truly anything that I was seriously working on until now.  Even now, I’m only kind of working on it, but I’ve started putting the pieces together and figuring out where everything goes, so it’s starting to look more novel-shaped than before.

About: middle reader urban fantasy.  This is really just an excuse for me to write the planets as humans because come on, that’d be cute.  The plan, currently, is to write one novel for each of the planets, though some of them might end up grouped together or done a little differently.  And it’s really just about their adventures int his wild world of ours.  Characters include: sweet little Mercury who just wants his dad to love him, firecracker Venus, constantly dirty and messy Earth (duh), Earth’s older brother Mars who wants nothing to do with him and is going to wear black all the time like the little emo teenager that he is, crazy Uncle Jupiter and his wife Saturn, and all their wild little children (named after Jupiter’s four prominent moons), Jupiter’s gay brother Uranus who the kids adore, and quiet, sad, orphaned Neptune and his little baby brother Pluto.  OH GOD, IT’S SO CUTE, I WANT TO WRITE IT RIGHT NOW.  I might have gotten some of the characters wrong, but it’s been a while since I paid attention to this little story.

"We are nothing but Space dust trying to find its way back to the stars" -David Jones

comet novel: Still a thing!  I’m still actively working on this wild adventure.  And by actively, I mean working on other things and letting it work itself out because holy hell, it’s going to be complicated.  As before, comet novel takes place in seven different countries with eight different characters in several different decades (that might change), and it’ll still probably be something I don’t look seriously at until after I’ve gotten Saints and Pen boys out of my system.

About: adult fiction.  The plot of this is changing slowly, but surely, but still remains kind of the same in that eight souls are tied together, and they have to save the world for some reason.  Characters include: the wanderer (Midwest America), the free spirit (New Zealand), the monk (Thailand), the soldier (Egypt, but from Greece), the healer (ISS, but from Bolivia), the witch (Italy), the aware (Antarctica, but from Africa), and the reporter (Argentina), who all have names, but I don’t have my notebook and like a psycho didn’t type them up anywhere.

The thing about war ... is just when does it stop being a game? Does it ever stop being a game? We're all playing here, not battling for our lives but just battling to win."

the Pen boys: My boyyyyys.  I love these boys.  Theirs is a five-part series; three main novels, two summer novellas in between their years at Penhallam Academy.  It’s currently on hiatius while I work my way through the Saints universe, but I’ll be back before the end of the year, I think, and finally writing the second draft that they deserve.

About: YA urban fantasy.  Penhallam Academy is an all-boys school that teaches its students about magic.  It’s located in Gloucester, and there are several trips to Rockport.  There’s a few family demons in there, and some larger than life evil that our boys have to fight.  Characters include: sad Oliver Hollands (why are all my main boys sad, what the heck) who has recently just lost his mother and moved across the country, angry James Goddard who has recently just lost his sister and wants to set everything on fire, leader Harrison Eldridge who is every single kingly archetype that you can fit him into, and twins Jasper and Jensen Marlow, one of whom is following in his parents’ dark footsteps and the other of whom will remind you of the Weasley twins, whoops.  Oh, I love my original description of them: Oliver is terribly sad, very broken, and just trying to survive.  James just wants to watch the world burn, though only because it’s trying to burn him first.  Harrison loves bright colors, accidentally fell in love with his best friend, and is busy trying to make everyone happy.

The witches are coming.

sister witches: Oh gosh, I want to write this so bad.  I have no plot in my head, and most of the characters are just faces and names, but it’s going to be so fun.  This is one of those stories that comes to me in bits and pieces, and I just pin stuff randomly.  It’ll probably only ever be one book, and it’ll have some wild Big Bad in it that no one expects our characters to live through, and it’s gonna be hecka badass.

About: YA urban fantasy.  The only thing that makes this fantasy is that there are witches, so realistically, this should just be YA fiction, HA.  Characters include: sister witches Henley, Adelaide, Margot, and Wren, not actually sisters, but they all live together and practice together, as well as Brennen (oh that needs a name change, whoops) their friendly demon that sometimes lives his life as a cat, Eliot (Margot’s boyfriend) who is possibly just a human, Roman (Adelaide’s boyfriend) who is also possibly just a human, and Luciana (Henley’s girlfriend) who is definitely into something but only as a passing interest.

[ Ma Costa's Ship - gypsies, protecting Lyra and Pantalaimon ]

Saintsverse: At any given time, I think I’ll be working on something from the Saintsverse.  Currently, the original duology is complete, and I’m working on the at sea series, but there are also two other spin-offs: the seer edition standalone & the Saira Bone trilogy.  (It’s a trilogy?  That’s news to me.)  The Saintsverse is a world of magic, darkness, and brutality.  It’s full of characters who just want to do right by their homes, but who also maybe enjoy violence sometimes.  They’re dastardly, and they’re somehow still endearing.

About: YA fantasy.  Set in a world where the Vast Sea is dotted with islands where nefarious and awful things are always happening, and there’s usually a morally ambiguous protagonist to save the day.  Characters include: the Saints of Obera, crew members of the Wolf, seers & hellcat gang of Exis, the Ash family, a few priests both good and bad, and two wild women (one who travels the world and one who will shoot first, ask questions later).

there are thieves, who rob us blind: Okay, so, confession.  This is like Alex the Destroyer in that it was birthed out of a fanfiction.  I once wrote this really sad Bruce/Tony fic that took place in a bookstore, and I loved the plot so much that I stole it for a novel.  It doesn’t have magic, it’s sad and beautiful, and it’s really just a novel about my love of words.

About: YA romance.  You know all those bookstore fanfiction aus?  Heyyyyy, this is the real deal.  Characters include: sad Will who is in an abusive relationship with Leo until he meets older man Jude, best friend Emilien (that name may change, but I wanted to give him a fancy French name that he hates), twins Jolene (Jo) and Liana that work in neighboring stores, bookstore manager Eve, best friend Carter who works at the bookstore, and an unhealthy helping of kissing.  This book is so not like anything I’ve ever written, and I cannot wait.  This also takes place in Marblehead because I already used Rockport in the Pen boys.

And that’s it.  When I first pulled away from Ronan and started opening my brain up to the world of writing whatever I wanted, I had an influx of ideas.  I couldn’t stop them.  Now, a year and a half since I first wrote Mason, the brain has calmed down a little, but it’s still churning out ideas.  His is, truthfully, the only one that I knew about before 2017.  All of these are brand new ideas, and all of them make me so excited.  So, here it is, the reason why I’m usually only half-listening at any given time.  How I get anything done is beyond me.

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