Part 2 (of 4) is done!

It has been an honest struggle getting to this point.  For some reason, a whole lot of the 93k words in the first two parts of Saints 2 was a fight.  They just did not want to come out.  It was weird, too, because normally when the writing isn’t coming, I just abandon it and go read for a few weeks, but I wanted to write.  I had every urge, but when I sat down to do the thing, it wasn’t happening.

I think I’m slowly figuring out this is because I miss my Pen boys something fierce, and while I thought I was going to write Saints at sea next, it’s starting to look more likely that I’ll be writing the third draft of the first Pen boys novel.  Because man, these Saints are exhausting.  They’re a little bit older than the Pen boys (most of the main characters are somewhere between 18-21), and their lives are just so much darker.  There’s so much at stake, like actually life and death stuff.  Whereas, with Pen boys, it’s just teenage drama and boys falling in love and okay, sure, there’s a demon summoned and all this crazy stuff going on, but not nearly as dire as in Saints.

So while I do love these characters, and I’m going to be endlessly sad to leave Landon behind after this book is done, I honestly can’t wait for it to be over.

What does part two being done mean, though?  Well.  Not a whole lot, as it turns out.  There were only three parts in the first Saints, but there are four in Saints 2.  There’s a lot more that I wanted to do, and more natural endings to different arcs than there was in the first one.  Part one ends in the same kind of fashion: our Saints are going off on a journey.  Part two, even, ends similarly: someone has been wounded.  But there’s still so much going on at this point than there was in the first Saints.  Which I guess is how it works, but with that being said, I’m only about halfway through the novel.  Maybe a little more.  I’ll be honest, part four is a lot of fluff, post-war type of stuff.  Last scenes with the characters, the city kind of recovering after what’s happened, that sort of stuff.  Part three will be intense from beginning to end, and I’m hoping (send me good vibes that this happens, please) it will be at least 30k, though I’m rooting for 40k.  Now before you think I’m crazy, know that part one is 47k, and part two is 41k.  Part three has less things that need to happen, though, so if I get 40k, that’ll officially put me at around where the first Saints ended, and then part four will push me past the mark.  I can do this, guys.  It’s gonna be okay.

But Mary!  Quality, not quantity.  Oh, shut up.  I know that.  The words are going to be good, and I’m not going to put anything unnecessary in there just to give myself more words.  But I do want Saints 2 to be a wee bit longer than the first Saints since it is a sequel, so I’m aiming to both kick ass in part three and reach a certain word count.

Which, doing some math (oi), means I’m a little more than halfway there.  If I’m estimating correctly, I’d like Saints 2 to be 150k, which is about 15k longer than the first one.  In a crazy awesome world, it would be somewhere closer to 160k, which is totally possible considering how much I love a good ending.  But we’ll see.  Anything can happen between now and the end.

And hey, maybe my original goal of writing this in the same timeline as the first Saints is possible.  I wanted to have it finished by the end of March, and I’ve only got a little over 65k to go before I reach that wild 160k mark.

Or, you know, considering two weeks are already gone in March, I’ll just not be a crazy person and finish it by the end of April.  I am going to finish it, though.  This book is happening.  I’m starting to see the end, and I can see the shape the rest of the story is going to take.  I have some trying chapters ahead of me filled with emotion and lore, and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

For now, though, I’m happy that I’ve finally finished part two, and now it’s back to reading.  Hope you’re having a warm, snuggly snow day!

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