I have so many other blogs that I want to write, but right now, I’M CELEBRATING!


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That is an accurate representation of me right now.  Well, this is more accurate to what happened last night:

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I’m all about the happy dances.

No, this does not mean I’ve finished writing Saints, it just means I’ve hit a pretty big milestone, and I’m extraordinarily happy about it.  This whole novel has felt kind of surreal.  It feels very much like a novel, but also not.  Pen boys is a complete mess plot-wise, and it needs so much work, and I’m not saying that Saints doesn’t, but it feels more solid than Pen boys.  It feels like Alex does.  Things make sense, and I can very clearly see the end of it, and it all just feels right.  Pen boys also felt right, but more in a yes this is definitely what I should be writing right now way while Saints feels like yes this is what I was meant to write.  It just feels good.  It feels honest.  It feels like all of the things I was trying to accomplish in Ronan and could never quite figure out.

But what does 100k mean in the grand scheme?  It means I am almost done.  I’m anticipating part three to be about 30-40k, maybe even 50k.  I only have two chapters left to write of part two, and then part three is a whirlwind of things happening and people getting shot, whoops.  There are a heck ton of loose ends right now, many of which I will not be tying up in a neat little bow at the end of the book.  The last scene is one hell of a cliffhanger, and I’ve got at least one, maybe two, more books in this series.  That’s not counting spin-offs, either, because I’ve already got at least one planned.  This world is big, and about to get a lot bigger, and I’m so happy.

100k means I’ve got a novel, a real, hefty thing that would hurt if I hit you with it, and that looks like something productive.  100k means I’m pretty damn close to the end.  100k means that I can do it.  And oh man, oh man, oh man, I can’t wait for you to see what’s hiding in these 100k words.

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