To Edit, or Not to Edit

Always edit.

While editing isn’t fun, it’s necessary.  And while editing may not feel like “real writing”, it is.  You are still creating.  You are still moving forward.  I hate that term–real writing.  Everything is real writing, even if writing means going about your business while creating in the back of your mind.  You’re always creating.

I have to keep telling myself this because I want to be writing.  I want to be putting words on paper, but right now is not the right time, so I keep reminding myself that by continuing work on Mason’s novel, I am still writing.

Edits have been going well.  I’ve got about the first 60 pages edited with content edits from Matt and line edits from Jack.  Erin has the first 50 pages right now to do final edits, and then I’ll give it one last go before I start sending out to agents that want actual pages.  Speaking of!  I submitted to three agents the other day.  It was exhilarating.  I have such a good feeling about Mason, and I really feel like it’s a story people need to hear.

The one book nonsense has been going well, too.  I’ve written a prologue that will give a little more substance to the Lukas half of the story, and I’ve been simplifying things a little (mainly the Order).  Right now, I’m working on a conversation between Mason and Olive to stick in between two chapters where it’s very much needed.

Overall, though, I really think I need a day at Life Alive/Jolie to get back to my roots and sink my teeth into him all over again.  I need to be in his environment.  Maybe this weekend.

Keep on writing.

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