quarter life crisis

Last night, I texted Jack and said, “I’m having a book crisis.  Meet me for tea?”

This book has gone through so many transformations, and it’s only been (maybe) a month since I started writing it.  When I embarked upon Mason’s story, I realized, about six chapters in, that I was writing the third book of five.  The first four would be about the different elements, so one book per character–Miriam, Leila, Mason, Lukas.  The fifth one would be all of them coming together to fight the big fight–humans versus faeries.  That deteriorated at the close of Mason’s novel.  It became a trilogy, something I’ve always been familiar with and liked the concept of.  Miriam’s story would be the first, Mason’s story would be the second, and Lukas’s story would be the third.  That changed pretty quickly, as well.  I was starting to realize that Mason was the story, so the first book was halved between Miriam and Mason, and the third one would be the story of getting him back, so halved between Mason in captivity and Lukas searching for him.

I started writing it last week, and it failed on chapter five.  I wasn’t telling the right story.  I wasn’t telling Mason’s story.  So, I texted Jack, we met for tea, and here we are.

Two books.

Book one: the Mason story I already wrote.

Book two: the sequel to that.

That’s it, and I’m really excited about where it’s all going.  I wanted to write about them in their youth because I wanted to experience that, but the story that’s important is the one I’ve already started writing, and beginning where I have with Mason feels like the most natural start.

So, here we go.  Today, I’m going to outline the second book and then hopefully start writing it.  Things are changing.  My goals are shifting a little.  I can see a final draft of these two novels being completed by probably February 2017, and while I’ll still keep the goal of acquiring an agent by September 2017, I’m going to start sending out like crazy in the new year.  I’m ready.

Are you ready?

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