last night, we danced with air

Happy Solstice!

A day late and a dollar short, but here I am.  Last night, I attended the level 2 prana flow class at BYS, and then stayed for the winter solstice after.  Jenny talked about the air element, and I kept thinking about the opening line of the fourth chapter for Miriam’s novel.


Hello, Miriam.

It has begun.  The energy yesterday was wild and creative, so I did just that.  I wrote almost 5k words for her first few chapters, and then I just had the opening line for the next chapter on repeat all night.  I have officially started writing the first book of the series.  With the organizational changes, this means I got to play with Mason again yesterday, too.  It was just for a few brief lines, but he was there, and I’m so excited to be seeing this new side of him.

Last night, we also set intentions, and I had five that I wrote down, but two that stood out.  I will have a literary agent for Mason & Co. by September 2017.  I will finish the final drafts of all three books by April 2017.  Obviously, there will be other final drafts, but I want my initial ones to be done by then.  As soon as the first drafts are finished, however, I’ll start sending inquiries out.  This is happening.  This is the future I want, and I’m taking control of it.

Watch out, world.  My elements are coming for you.

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