witchcraft on the weekends

I went up to Maine this weekend, and this always happens.

Erin has some kind of creative witchcraft going on, that’s the only explanation.  My desire to write is fiercer than ever when I’m with her.  When we talk virtually, I’m always inspired to create something, but put me next to her, and it’s like this big flashing, neon sign that says IT’S HAPPENING NOW.  I went up there to get away, and I fully expected to write, write, write while we were together.  Instead, I created.

While writing Miriam’s outline, I kept trying not to put too much of Mason in it, and I’ve been concerned about writing Leila’s book because I don’t know what the heck will go in it, and I realized that Lukas’s book is entirely about Mason, and then–oh.  There’s a common denominator here.  So, I reorganized this weekend.  I stripped away the original idea (kept Mason’s book, don’t worry), and reshaped it.

Three books instead of four.  A connecting story instead of four individual ones.  All centered around Mason.  And no faery versus human war.

The idea now is to see Miriam, Mason, and Lukas at 18, Mason and Lukas at 22, and then all three again at 22/23.  Their becomings are like a catalyst for one another.  Throughout the first book, Miriam is slowly losing herself to the ocean.  Mason leaves in the middle of the book, and ultimately births Madhouse.  In the second book, after Miriam’s thrown herself in the ocean, Mason starts losing himself to fire.  After Mason’s been kidnapped, the third book shows Lukas going after him, and his own becoming coming to a screeching halt because their central point, Mason, is gone.  It was always the idea that without Mason, the world and the other elementals couldn’t flourish; now, I’m just taking away all the other layers and focusing on that.

Yes, Leila will still be in it, but she’s managed to create a little space in the world that keeps her segregated, and I’m okay with that.  She’ll be featured in all three, but she won’t be a main character, and I like that better.

So, we have a trilogy with Mason as a loose main character.  He comes and goes, but he’s the reason why I’m writing this.

As for the faery versus human war, I’m not writing it.  Everyone always writes the big huge thing that happens, but I’m more interested in the beginning, in the why and how of these people, so I’m writing their story instead of the larger story.

This feels good.

I’m ready to begin.

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